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A Good T-Booster

Hello To All,

I am new to this website and I happy to be part of this community. My name is Josh.

I am hoping I don’t get flamed for the question I am about to ask.

I am 27 Years old going to 28. I have been working out for 1 year and half. I am learning about working out. I have been taking supplements like these:

*Amino Acids
*Protein Shake
*Beta Alanine
*Fish Oil

My goal is to get cut. I think have about 15% Or higher body fat. I have one of those IronMan Scale which does body fat and etc. I don’t think it gives you accurate reading. I get different numbers in the morning time and i get a different numbers at night time.

Anyway, I like to know if there is a good product out there that will Increase Testosterone to assist me burning fat quicker. I am also following a strict diet. I am watching my Crab intake and daily fat intake. I eat good amount of fiber (veggies and Fruits). I work out about 4-5 days in a week. I have gain some muscle mass but it is not that great.

On Mondays I do Chest and cardio + Abs.
On Tuesday I do Back and Legs + Abs.
On Thursday I do Shoulders and cardio +Abs.
On Friday I do Triceps and Biceps + calves. <-- I don’t know if that’s a good combination. I was told that’s pretty good.
Sometimes I go the gym on Sat and Sunday and I only do cardio.

When I started working out my weight was 201 Pond exact. Right now I weight 175 Pound.

There are a lot of products out in the market. I can not get my hand on Steroids. I don’t know anyone and I don’t know where to began. I know that’s the Ultimate way of building muscle and get cut and burn the fat off.
So I am looking at the alternative and I try to change things up in my working out routine so I can speed up the process. At my age things do go as fast as if I started working out around age of 18.

I was reading up on the following products that can be bought Over the counter:

Anabolic Extreme
Alpha Male
Goat Weed/Yohimbe
Methyl 1-D
Liquid Masterdrol
Novedex XT

I only have some knowledge on the followings:
Anabolic Extreme
Novedex XT.

I don’t know what to Believe. There are so many people who like one product over another and there are so many people who don’t like that particular product. I am not here to waste anyone’s time or I like my time to be wasted. I like to know if anyone has any professional opinion based on experience or documented fact. If so please come forward and help me with your knowledge. If you know anything that is not on this list please provide me with that information. I want something that works and can be purchased over the counter.

I have done a search on T-Nation and I saw really good post by some user name “Bill” on 6-oxo. I am looking forward for someone like Bill who can help me decide and provide me with detailed information on over the counter product that works. Also I know this. Not everyone will react the same way to a specific supplement. It might take longer for some people to work or It might not work at all.

So I am not expecting to get a bullet proof product. I Just hated when I walk to GNC and ask for help and i know that person who is trying to help does not know anything about the product Because he or she works on commission I know people on this website don’t work on commission and I should some what get a better answer.

Thanks in advance…


Alpha Male will probably be your best bet as a T-booster.

If you’re looking to cut, HOT-ROX extreme paired with TRIBEX would be the best for your goals. Both can be bought here, at the T-Nation store.

For what my input is worth…ZMA and Tribulus is a very solid T-Booster. You will get great sleep as you probably have already noticed!

I plan on using Alpha Male too…

When looking at products that contain Trib, Horny Goat Weed, Tongkat Ali, and other “know plant based T-boosters” it is important to be aware of the concentrations (or lack thereof) of the ingredients. I posted a thread in this forum on tinctures that discusses this in some detail.

From what I’ve seen Alpha Male, ISA-TEST, and 6-OXO look pretty good, AM being at the top of the list (seems to have a good following here). Alpha Male and I-T add AIs as well.

Just be wary of products that simply contain the plant powders in unconcentrated form as you’d need large quantities to equal their more concentrated counterparts… Not saying that results can’t be achieved with “plain powders”, but you’ll be eating handfulls of caps as opposed to one or two…


Thank you all for your input.

I can’t speak for anybody else, but I loved 6-Oxo.