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A good surprise

Thought it would suck because there were only 2 copies available for rent.

A good mix. And tons of music. I found it far more impressive than its more popularcousin` cheerleading movies.

If any clones of this one come out, I`m sold.

What is it?

(no picture showing up here)

I saw the pic earlier, now I see the little X thing. It was a Drumline movie poster.

Total mistery for the pic guys.

First time I posted, the big one appeared. A while later, it didn`t so I posted a second smaller-pic in a second thread. I guess the first one eventually came through, since my second post never made it in the thread.

Yeah, so ummm…I was really entertained by this movie too (there I said, it…whew).

Seriously though, I saw this movie back when it came out. Yes, I mean I actually went to the theatre to see it. This will probably get me even more laughed at, but I mostly went because I was actually in band for a year in high school. I played trumpet but all of my friends were in the drumline and a few had talked me into practicing with them a little so that I might switch over my sophomore year. In the end, however, I quit altogether because I wanted to pursue soccer…So I guess what I’m trying to get at here is the fact that I had a little bit greater appreciation for the percussion ensembles and solos in this movie (and if you’re into that shit it is BADASS in this movie) than most people do.

End of mini-biography (sorry).

The gym owner where I work out edits his own videos that play on a continuous loop in the gym. It goes something like this:

Gay Porn/Bodybuilding
Pumping Iron
Rocky 4
Powerlifting videos


The 5 minute clip of Drumline doesn’t impress me much.

That movie wasn’t to bad, my girlfriend made me watch it when it first came out on video.

DOOGIE: What a bizarre lineup of videos.

In that context, Drumline sure looks like odd man out, but so does Gay Porn and 007.

Oh well, freedom has itsprice`.

CC, nothing wrong with having been in the high school marching band. Vinnie Paul of Pantera used to play the Tuba in the Arlington high school marching band.

Vinnie Paul of Pantera used to play the Tuba in the Arlington high school marching band.

What a picture that must be to see!

It was a little weird at my high school. I played at Lafayette (who were the 12-year running state champs in KY until being unseated for the first time this past year). At LHS, everyone EXCEPT drumline were considered “bandies”, but it was “cool” if you were in drumline…they got all kinds of ass, even the cheerleaders and “popular” girls. I know all that popularity stuff is bullshit but it’s just funny to sit back and laugh at now…hehe.

Oh yeah…and Pantera kicks ass.

Pantera sure kicks ass. Nothing like it in existence.

Too bad the band doesnt exist anymore. But I also heard that some former members are coming up under a new name (dont remember the name), so there`s hope!