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A Good Stack with Power Drive

i recently got Power Drive, but i was wondering if i should stack it with any type of no booster? or just take Power Drive? can anyone help me out on what to stack with Power Drive if at all?

In my opinion, always work in one new supplement at a time. If you were to try two or more new supplements at once, how would you know if both supplements were helping, hurting, providing mixed results, etc.? Take Power Drive for a week or so and determine if you like the results before stacking others. Then you might consider adding something like Spike tablets with the Power Drive or sticking with the Power Drive on its own.

Power Drive is good for the nervous system like Spike and Alpha-GPC. Also try jumping on you toes for 1 min rest 15 sec then jump squats for 15 sec as you probably can’t sprint for 15 though that would be optimal then hang from a pullup bar for 15 right before your workout. Odds are if you are asleep so is your CNS so try that as well. Maybe explosive pushups and the like for upper body days. Power Drive is good stuff and i agree with JN just add in one thing new at a time. See what it alone does.

awesome thanks for the help, and also it says to consume Power Drive 30-60 minutes before my workout on an empty stomach, but then when do i get in my pre-workout meal? or pre-workout snack? Then another thing with mixing in an n o booster after i do test out the Power Drive, cause there is no arginine in it to help blood flow, would you then rocommend that after i figure out if i like the Power Drive or not and its effects?

Also any more info on the Power Drive? i just started taking it and after my first dose i didn’t feel anything, but is it like a build up thing where your body has to adapt to it to feel the best effects? Any information on Power Drive would be awesome, thanks.

Read this: http://www.tmuscle.com/free_online_article/sports_body_training_performance_bodybuilding_supplements/the_no2arginine_scam

Then read this: http://www.tmuscle.com/free_online_article/sports_body_training_performance_bodybuilding_supplements/the_no2arginine_scam_ii

Then retract this statement: “cause there is no arginine in it to help blood flow”

thanks a lot man, but in other words most every pre workout supplement out there is bull shit right? and it is waisting money to buy any of them?

i would say not necessarily. Maybe yes for what they cost, many are just caffeine and creatine all “fancied” up to make it sound really good. If it helps you workout harder/longer and you want to spend the money go right ahead. But if you are looking for vasodilating effects, well then carbs do that, and heck so does exercise :slight_smile:

i like Surge Workout Fuel, its a little different than a “preworkout supp” but I think it helps, in the sense that its not all about stimulating but it fuels your body for long anaerobic exercise.

[quote]GusBus07 wrote:
i like Surge Workout Fuel, its a little different than a “preworkout supp” but I think it helps, in the sense that its not all about stimulating but it fuels your body for long anaerobic exercise.[/quote]


Do you hold your breath when you’re in the squat rack? Surge is awesome, but…

You’ve never exercised underwater?? :wink:

I mean’t anaerobic like using your anaerobic energy pathways (weight training), not oxidative (aerobic) as in distance running.

yea i have just been trying Power Drive before my workouts, and i feel most of its effects, but i’m not as alert and pumped up as when i take a pre workout sup with caffeine in it, i’m trying to back off on the caffeine but my workouts are sort of drowsy without it, and yea i have been lookin to try Surge also.

I usually like to stack my Power Drive (PD) with several things.

PD is a staple supplement for me.

Depending on what my goals are, is what i stack it with.

Just regular everyday use, I stack it with Vinpocetine or Ginko.

For preworkout, I stack it with caffeine.

For cognitive purposes, such as during exam times/academic loads, I will stack it with an extra gram or gram and a half of DMAE and Vinpo 30mg.