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A Good Split Routine


Does anybody have a link to a good split routine or an article on devising one? I love CW's stuff but just thought I needed a change since I have been doing total body stuff since last november. Now, after learning how to make an effective, CW style routine, I am a little lost designing a split. The last split routine I used was something from high school gym class with pyramided sets, which I do not like anymore, physically or analytically.


Well thats a tough one 99.9% of the articles by the authors here are a split of some sort even CW's all of them asdie from total body workouts are a split. be it upper lower; push, pull, legs. Movement splits, traditional body part splits etc.

You might look at some of CT's stuff for a nice change from CW. Heck maybe even good old Brutal OVT.

othetr than that give us info on what type your thinking, goals, days to train etc..


sorry to be so vague. I can do 3-4 days/ week. Maintaining for now but going to bulk again in a few weeks. I Like push/pull, push/pull/legs or upper/lower splits, as i think having something like a shoulder or forearms and calves day is retarded. I just wanted a break from frequency for a little so I can build up frequency again as i bulk.


Also, work is kicking my ass lately and my body seems to need a break from HF anyways, so this works better.


You just listed 3 splits in your above post. Stick with the upper/lower, 2x a week.

Use different exercises and rep ranges on the different days. Go heavy on Monday/Tuesday and then go easier the other two days. Throw in some GPP and it should all be good.


You could try an Ian King routine.


Paired with Limping


For a really nice 4-day split routine.

I'm doing the last workout in the first phase tonight. Starting Phase II on Monday, so far I really like the routine.


Why dont you make your own routine? If you talk to enough people and read enough articles, scientific and otherwise you will find that you can find a very reasonable rationale for a tremendous amount of different workout schemes.

You can create hormonal responses from large muscle group exercises, short rest intervals, and heavy loads, independently. If you just have as much faith in your own program, maybe it could use a tweaking from a coach, but besides that just stick with something and give it your all and you will be fine. You dont have to follow one of CW routines to get gains... If you have a reasonable amount of knowledge and stick with a program you make I bet you could achieve the same results...


I suggest a 2 day split, upper / lower body with the posterior chain done on leg days.

So you have upper back & chest on one day, lower back and leggs on the other.

UB 1: horizontal pulling & pushing
LB 1: quad dominant

UB 2: vertical pulling & pushing
LB 2: ham dominant


Yeah, I would like to get the principles and make up the specifics, but what kind of volume should you aim for on a push day, for example, if you arent training again for 3-7 days.

Also, how many compounds would be ideal? If you did bench press and did it right, should you just do isolation type stuff afterward or is there a point for incline and dips?


Push/Pull/Legs split sounds interesting. Anyone can share his experience with that split ?


I use a split very similiar to that. I do a push/pull antagonist system. As has been mentioned elsewhere if you work the antagonist first you can work the prime mover harder. Generically my routine looks like this:

Day 1 Vertical Push/Pull/Accessories
Day 2 Horizontal Push/Pull/Accessories
Day 3 Legs Push/Pull/Accessories

Combined with some basic alternating periodization, this is working well for me. Here's how it looks in practice right now:

(4x8 Cycle)
Day 1 Vertical Push/Pull/Accessory
Rear Delt Row
Band Chinups
Barbell Decline Situps
Farmer's Walk

Day 2 Horizontal Push/Pull/Accessory
Close Grip Bench Press
Seated Cable Rows w/stirrup handle
Barbell Good Mornings
(5x5) Crush Grip Plate Loaded

Day 3 Legs Push/Pull/Accessory
Trap Bar Deadlifts
Barbell Calf Raises
Sled Drag

Day 4 off

(5x5 Cycle)
Day 5 Vertical Push/Pull/Accessory
Standing Barbell Military Press
Trap Bar Shrugs
Barbell Reverse Curl
(Drop Set) Side bends w/weight in each hand

Day 6 Horizontal Push/Pull/Accessory
Thick Bar Bench Press
T-Bar Rows
Wrist Roller Strap (2 Sets of 5 each way)
(Drop Set) Rotator Work

Day 7 Legs Push/Pull/Accessory
Barbell Full Squats
Barbell Stiff Legged Deadlifts
Barbell Curls

Day 8 off
Day 9 off


well take what you know works for YOU from experience under the bar and use it put it in a program.

read the programs here and make one that fits you. If you doint know what works yet then take a program here do it to completion, then another then another all the while finding out what does work for you. Use that and here this may help an article by EC on making programs :
http://www.T-Nation.com/readTopic.do?id=890123 and then make one.

Compounds should be the base. if doing uppper lower. I would say upper one big PUSH one big pull a day atleast and DO them do them HARD and give the attention they deserve. or even two of each one bilateral one unilateral each day. then leg day IMO one day to a squat variation on to a DL variation and you cant go worng. Follow that with something unilateral like step ups or lunges. After the base is built then fill in the rest. the isolation stuff etc..

Sure if you REALLY did bench press nailied it hard that day sure you can go starigh to isolation stuff. if doing something aside from total body and upper\lower.

Thers a place for just about everything