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A Good Push-Up Routine?

this is my last question and then i go back in the batcave. Does anyone know a good pushup routine? that will crank up my endurance and burn fat in the process too. I’ve got one that i really like. I do 5 sets of 20 pushups and after each set i do 20 incline pushups with as minimal rest as possible. My goal is to do this flawlessly.

I love pushups. they can be done anywhere and feel good. besides i’ve got a british army physical test coming up soon in a couple of weeks and my recruitment officer stressed to me that pushups would help me a lot.

So any pushup lovers/addicts out there got any good routine to share with me? thanks

By the way i do apologise if this is a subject that ahs already been discussed before. If it has, please give me the link. thanks

Cluster training is the key :slight_smile:

3-6 times as many push-up as you can. try different variations. and then try those variations weighted, too.

sounds good, thanks