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A Good PT in London?

I’ve been training for a while now but I keep having many problems. Mostly because I struggle to find someone who can help properly in the gym.
Basically that’s my situation

  • My back is not perfect, I have a bit of kyphosis and lordosis, not much to be honest, but it’s there.
  • My shoulders are rounded.
  • A bit of APT.

Now, as you can imagine, that is causing a lot of issues in my training. as I struggle to do many exercise properly. Plus, I think I have the shoulder impingement syndrome and I really want to sort this out. I haven’t been training for 2 months because of that.

I would really need to speak with someone who can follow me and help me to improve my posture while I improve my strength. I’ve been in many gyms but what I’ve found so far are just young guys with the usual bulk-up plan (without even mentioning a proper diet).
Physiotherapist are more or less the same, the are just concerned about booking many sessions to get money out of you.
Having said that, can anyone tell me who should I speak to?
Does anyone know a good PT in London who can help my with that?