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A Good Program by CT?

Hello there.
I have looking into the site and I couldn’t find a complete program from Thibaudeau.

Does somebody have a link to a good program by him; I have lost motivation, so I want to do something new.


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Do you HAVE to do a program by him?

Oh, I saw that before, but is a lot of reading and I couldn’t find a simple to follow program.
I know I’m being lazy, but I was wondering if somewhere he had posted a no-brainer program telling which exercises reps, etc. Chad W. has posted a couple of complete programs, so I was wondering if CT has done something similar.

I never have tried a program by him so that’s why I want to.

Dear Lord.

Don’t be lazy, put a little work into it so you have some idea of why you are doing the exercises that you are doing.


[quote]CoffeeGuy wrote:

Oh, I saw that before, but is a lot of reading and I couldn’t find a simple to follow program.

Heaven forbid you put some effort into it. If you are too lazy to learn about a workout, how’s your intensity in the gym?

Reading+Learning= Good

Stop being lazy.

Hey CrewPierce replied, nice. I followed your clinic with interest; congratulations for reaching your goal.

I already have read a lot here; however I think I’m not savvy enough to design my own program, and right know I just want a packed plan because I’m tired and my motivation is low.
I knew I was going to have these replies, but I asked a simple question; I guess the answer is: “No, C.T. has no published a simple program for hypertrophy in the site”.

I think I’m going to dig into your clinic and see if I can make a plan with the routines you had.

Thank you.

These should be a good place to start.


That should et you started.