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A Good Place to Get Wrist Straps


Hi all, what's a good place to get straps (for use in deadlifting say)?

Thank you for your time,



I have used woven material and leather straps. Get leather so much more comfortable and durable. As well they do not cut into your hand as bad.


Elite FTS

the spud inc. yellow ones are dope!


I got the EFS light duty wrist warps and they give tons of power on deadlifting. If you want just deadlifting wrist wraps, then Id suggest APT pro wrist warps, they got good shit


ooh, that should have occurred to me, thank you, I will check them out.


I really like APT pro gear.


Their stuff is usually discounted if you look around for coupon codes.


Go to your local outdoors store and check out the nylon webbing. Get two lengths of 20 inches and tape the ends. They will last you for years and cost less than a dollar, probably the cheapest piece of equipment you will buy.


You can also go to a junkyard and cut out some seat belts


Spuds are great!


I agree, I have the spud straps and neck harness and they are made so well I am confident they will outlast the sun.


Yes, good idea.

The local hardware store is another source of webbing. And if it's nylon, you can take care of the ends by holding them to a flame (e.g. a lighter or match) for a split second and melting the ends.

Canvas webbing works, too, but does get chewed up faster.

Leather makes for the nicest, but these do the job and are so cheap you can get a bunch, put a set in each of your training bags, gyms/training sites etc.


I guess they aren't as popular, but I think Ironmind's straps are amazing. They're certainly the best straps I've ever used.


APT makes great straps.

Alan is a great supporter of PL.

I wouldn't hesitate to buy something from them. Their wraps are solid, as well.




inzernet.com iron wrist wraps z 20 inch


i have those, but in orange