A Good Laugh

I was at the gym(school’s gym) last night working hard through my work out listening to HIM (one of the greatest rock bands of all time) and then suddenly the batteris die off. I thought to myself, “what perfect timing, halfway through my workout.”

Then two frat dudes walk in. They hit the weights and I begin to respect the guys because they mention information regarding weight training that I’ve learned here. Then they move on to the fatloss subject, I was really interested in what they had to say (I’m a sucker for learning new information) about it so I discretely moved closer to them. The first question about the subject is, “Dude, what happens to the fat? Where does it go?”

Here is the punchline.

The other says, “I think you shit it out.”

I immediately burst into laughter and both turned around and looked at me. I said to them(in tone resembling that of a question yet mocking at the sametime), “You shit it out?”

It was a great one. Just thought I’d share it with you guys.