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A Good Jumping Shoe?

I’m a basketball player, and i’m looking for some hard ruled regarding basketball jumping shoes

obviously track shoes are the best for jumping but you cant use them for ball, so… what should it look like and how can a shoe affect jumping ?

*I’m guessing not to get low cut, ive used them in the past and i just couldnt take off !

thanks 1

Buy some basketball shoes. I would say nike has the best ones. And for jumpin, I found shoes for a jumper are better if there light. I like the huraches, and some of the jordans were pretty good cause they were light.

I recommend this one.


Who cares? That’s the question. Wear whatever is comfortable and affordable. Myself I have never played in the “in” basketball shoe, Jordan’s, James, and whatever last names.

Get a pair of sturdy, durable basketball shoes from a well know brand e.g. Nike, Reebok, etc.

who cares…if you can jump, it doesnt matter what shoes you wear…whats the difference…a couple of ounces?

nikefrees are probably ur best choice

nikefrees are probably ur best choice if you are goin to workout in them doing plyos .

You don’t find you get shin splints or anything training in nikefrees?

I think for basketball the most important criterias are traction and shocks absorption. If you glide all over the floor you will be in trouble. So check the sole. And your joints will thank you in the long run for a some type of effective cushionning like “air” or “shox”. I prefer the low cut shoes myself.

I’m not a fan of most of the newer shit out there right now. Most of them look like moonboots. My favorite sneakers of all time would have to be the original Nike Solo Flights- white/grey/black or the original Nike Air Raids black/grey. If they ever re-release them, I’ll probably buy a bunch of them.