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A Good Intermediate Program?

Hi, im lookig for a new program for mainly hypertrophy/strength, for a bit of background about me im 19 and around 89kg, and iv been weight training for around a year and a half. Iv done Chad Waterbury’s TBT training twice with good results and i think its time to bump my training up a notch. I box 3 times a week and i usually lift 3 times. If you could help me out it would be great!

Well, which one is it? Hypertrophy or strength?

im looking for a program that would include both, im mainly after strength gains but id also like some hyopertrophy. I like the look of Bill Starrs 5x5 program http://www.geocities.com/elitemadcow1/5x5_Program/Linear_5x5.htm
I have a few questions about it though, as theres only a handful of exercises will bodyparts such as delts and lats suffer as they arnt being worked much? Where it says incline or military on wednesday does that mean you should alternate each week? by barbell rows is that the same as bent over rows?

Choose the exercise you would like to do for the Wednesday routine. Download that template at the bottom of the page you linked to and that make it pretty simple to follow.

Yes, barbell rows are the same as bent over rows which will hit your lats so they definitely won’t suffer. Even if you choose the incline bench over the military press your delts will still get plenty of work. Nothing will really be neglected.

I ran through the intermediate program a little over a year ago and really enjoyed it and made really good strength gains.

So i choose one or the other rather than alternating each week?
One more problem i have is that the gym i go to only has a smith machine not a squat rack. They have an olympic bar to bench and deadlift with though. I know this set up isnt ideal as smith machines are pretty crap but will this be sufficient to use in this program? i dont have access to another gym :frowning:

Use what you have man. Or maybe try front or overhead squats.

iv also just found out there is a secret powerlifting platform in a backroom there, apparently its reserved only for sports scholars though which is a shame

[quote]PhilD wrote:
iv also just found out there is a secret powerlifting platform in a backroom there, apparently its reserved only for sports scholars though which is a shame[/quote]

Yeah, my college has a state-of-the-art gym specifically for NCAA athletes. I had to lift in a crappy basement gym. Waterbury’s Anti-Bodybuilding Hypertrophy (aka his 3 x 10 program) sounds like a good next step for you. I’m about to try that myself and hypertrophy is my goal. I’ve lifted with high reps (more than 6) for years and reading through this site helped me to understand that a very “different” program may be in order for me.

im actually looking at doing a 5x5 program but if you have a link to Waterburys 3x10 that would be great.

(Scroll down a bit for the link to download all of his programs in spreadsheet form.)

I really like the 5 x 5 program ; its good for both developing strengh and mass; if you want to tweak it a little more towards mass you could go 5 x 8 - 10 reps every other workout. Just something to think about; but just following 5 x 5 set and rep scheme works great.

I also like doing some additional exercises for things like calves which are largely ignored in the 5 x 5 program. Also, i add in a few sets for biceps and triceps in a higher rep range just to finish them off after back and chest; however, in general, i focus on the core exercises.

for squats did you do ATG or to parallel?

[quote]PhilD wrote:
for squats did you do ATG or to parallel?[/quote]

Always go ATG unless your program (powerlifting, etc.) says otherwise. Use less weight if you have to.