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A Good Deadlifting Weight?


Hi everyone,
I have been deadlifting since the start of September and i was wondering if i have a decent deadlift. I don't usually see very many people deadlifting at my gym, so I don't have anything to compare it with. I can deadlift 365 pounds for 1 rep. I am also 155 pounds.
I also am going up in weight 5 pounds every week, and i have yet to hit a plateau so hopefully that continues;)



Good place to start



... a good deadlifting weight for bodybuilding? would be whatever lets your hams/glutes/back grow the most, with the least negative impact on growth of other areas.

for powerlifting, google says at the collegiate level for a 148 lb lifter, the record for the deadlift was 600.75 lb set in 2000.

365 is a good start.


2 x Body Weight is a decent dead lift.

But since I don't want that to go to your head here is a random kid your size pulling 405:

Here is a video of a world champion caliber 150# pulling 702:


One other thing.. I got a new personal best of 365 pounds the friday past. I was wondering if it is too early to go for 370 pounds tomorrow?


Keep adding 5 lbs a week until you can't do it anymore.
After that you'll have to think about doing reps, assistance work, adressing weaknesses, technique fixes, eating more and so on to keep moving forward.

Good luck!


I would consider good 3x bw or more personally


good is a little soft for it, x3 is a great deadlift


I like 545 as a good number.


Damn man, 366lbs. is my threshold for greatness..
You're so close.


I have high expectations though lol


Just because...


There's an article on this site by a deadlift specialist Tim Henriques. He classifies 405 as "good" and 500 as "great" (1% of 'average' men). Your lifting weight sounds high for your body weight.


I agree. 3 plates is okay, 4 plates is respectable, 5 plates is impressive.


No matter how many times I see Ronnie's vid, it never fail to make me laugh... "YEAH BUDDY"! "Light weight!"



I thought a 500 DL was pretty standard for anyone squatting 400 and benching 300? I had a significantly easier time hitting a 545 deadlift than I did a 315 BP or 405 squat, and despite my long monkey arms I have a very hard time seeing 500 DL as "great" or "1pct". 365 is weak and should be expected from someone weighing around 150...

Edit: nvm i see OP weighs 155 ^^. 2x bw is a good start but at your weight you should have 3x bw as a goal.


I failed for my first time going up 5 pounds a week since september. Does anyone have any tips/certain exercises to increase my deadlift?


Anytime you break into four digits you are doing pretty well for yourself-



Yea I'm that guy.


since there are a few posts already of respectable deadlifts, how about this from T-Nations own Chris Hickson