A Good Day! Squatted 3 Plates

Yesterday I squatted three plates a side! I’m 18, have been squatting seriously about 12 weeks now, and am over the moon. Oh, and it looked cool. Now on to four plates! Just felt like sharing.

That’s awesome, especially for getting it that quickly… it took me years.

What’s your body weight (and height).

Take a video next time and throw it up.

Haha yeah squatting 3 plates for the first time is awesome! Congrats! 3 plates in 12 weeks is really good, are you getting good depth?

I’m 5’11 and 190, aiming for 200+ by the end of the summer, and I will try and post a video, need to find a camera first! =D
My depth is good, I think, I always have a friend with me to watch that the crease in my hips is below the bend in my knees.

thats good for 12 weeks squatting, how many reps did you get?

Nice! I am now at the point of squatting that for a few reps. Keep it up.

It’s a single 315, but I wasn’t happy with the first rep, went to hell on the way up, so I did it again. I hope to be repping it soonish, I’m aiming for 200bench/300squat/400dead this summer, that would be nice =)

Dude, that’s awesome!
I’ve been training for about 15 months now and I’m only coming up on a 315 squat now. I’m pretty confident I could hit it for a single or maybe even a double, but I’m not 100% on that as I don’t test my 1RM.

Getting that in 12 weeks is a great achievement though, congrats.

I believe it took me about two years to get there. Somehow I can’t remember when I did 140kg. But I do remember 132.5kg and 155kg!

Someday you will do five plates a side for reps! Stick to it! :slight_smile:

0_o 5 plates? Some day =) Still trying to get a video up!

well done .

I remember 315 well . I also remember MISSING it a couple times too…haha

pretty sure it took me over a year

Well you got your 300 squat. Now you need the 200 bench and the 400 deadlift. Might as well make it a 405 deadlift so you can get your first 4 plate lift.

How close are you to those goals?

??? Bench. I’m testing today. 315 squat. 355 dead, I’m pretty close, me thinks.

With that squat you should be getting the 400 dead really soon, good job, make sure you stay ambitious with your deads! Not too good on my US to UK weight conversions, but that can’t be far off 200kgs. Great progress, good targets for your age and experience, and good to see young guys putting emphasis on form and depth too!

Thanks =D
My grip seems to limit me on the dead, I try for double overhand, but always end up switch grip after just a few sets. I’m going to start a log I think. That will keep me to my schedule I hope, so I can reach, and exceed these goals!

That is good stuff man. I too have a similar goal of 3/4/5 on bench, squat, and deadlift. Got the bench easily but squat and deadlift not so much. Damn ACL injury sidelined me from squat for over a year.

Good luck to you and keep the good form from the start it will pay off later.

great job man