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A Good Bench to Get for Home Workouts

Any suggestions? I’m hoping to buy one fairly soon, I’d like one which can hold quite alot of weight (obviously) so that I wont have to get another one as I improve.

Or should I get a squat rack and a stand alone bench so that I can do squats too?

Or do I save up even longer and try to get a powercage and a bench to put in it?

I was looking at this bench as it can be used for heavy squats if you wheel the bench out the way

(I did search for similar threads and didn’t find any by the way)

EDIT: found weight capacities for it
Weight Load Capacity:

Rack 315kgs
Leg Lift Attachment 110kgs
Chin Up Bars 180kgs

The rack looks decent but the Powertech bench in itself is crap. I have one at home in my garage and I have found that the knob that locks the bench in place and allows you to adjust it from flat to decline to incline, with too much weight on it will start to egg shape and could possibly fail.

My bench is only rated for 400 pounds, now rated at 400 pounds and me weighing 200, I can theoritically only bench 200 on there before I risk it colapsing on me.

I know just doing a regular work out and repping 275 the hole that locks in place is already egg shaping, and I am currently looking for a new bench.

cheers for the input man I never even noticed it didn’t give a load capacity for the actual bench

If you can save up for it, i would either get a good power rack and sepearate bench,…or get an ER combo rack with the bench safety racks

That’s how I have mine set up, I use a seperate bench in my cage. even with the safeties et up i wouldn’t want the damn thing colapsing on me