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A Good Back Workout Today


I am posting this back workout today because this type of workout has worked for me for a while. Sometimes I do back circuits and or drop sets, but usually I just do this kind of stuff. I am pretty sure that it is low volume for a bodybuilding back workout. let me know your thoughts. . .

1a. behind then neck pull down (4 reps)
40, 60, 70, 80, 90

2a. weighted chin-ups (6 reps)
bodyweight, +10, +15, +20, +25, still had +30 in the tank, saved energy for pairing

3a. pair standard pull up grip lat pulldown (12 reps)
90, 100, 110, 120, 130
3b. pair dumbell upright row with squeeze (12 reps)
20, 20, 25, 30

4a. walked around and stretched and did sets of 3 or 4 pullups for about 10 minutes. Normally, I can do 15 or more good ones, after all of that other stuff, I couldn't even do 5.


Damn - Cool story, bro!


Now go eat some food!


Granted, you DID post a picture along with your workout, but here's the thing; it's expected that when you start a thread recommending a workout for a certain bodypart, that bodypart is very well developed/advanced. You are skinny, and not strong, and have a little bit of width (for your size) and very little back thickness.

I'm not saying this to discourage you. Let this motivate you to eat more, and do some barbell rows for heaven's sake.


Honest question, How did you want/think people would respond to this? The only thing i can think of to say is: Cool. but i dont mean it


where is the heavy stuff? BB rows, deads, rack pulls, etc?


@ebomb, I usually do upper body pulling during a different session than deadlifting. I think of deadlifting as more of a hip extension, not a pulling exercise. I am currently following push/pull/legs, so deadlifting would go on legs day when I do it. I don't plan to do much deadlifting this winter because my obliques get too big in proportion to upper back and lats, which takes away from the V.


@hungry, how could you judge my back thickness from the back, you must look from the side to see that. With that said, I don't need you to motivate me. I know my main problem is that I need to add size. I plan to compete in an amateur natural show in June. If i get lower body fat and more water out, i look better. In that pic up there, I have tons of sodium and stuff flowing through my system.

As for saying I'm not strong, I am actually very strong at some stuff. I've been able to pull a double bodyweight or more raw deadlift after only 6 months of lifting. Also, earlier this summer, I did an ass to grass backsquat(full knee bend, full hip bend, quads way past parallel, with 305 at a bodyweight of 155. Earlier this summer, I also clean and jerked 195 at 150. go fuck yourself

Now those numbers aren't crazy, but they're pretty good. Interestingly enough, now I'm actually weaker at the big movements, but more muscular.


I plan to bulk until february or march, i dont' store much fat but I suck at gaining weight


Hopefully I have a good legs workout tomorrow, then I can post a thread called "A good legs workout today"


LOL!! at all of the above three posts

Can't wait!


Well you seem to have a very out-going, friendly, and good-natured attitude about the constructive criticism you've garnered.

Good luck with whatever endeavors you come across in this life.


to be fair, you have some muscularity happening. you are just not big or thick enough to being posting your advices and routine with the aim that others will go...wow, that worked for him, i'll do that.

the numbers you mentioned were very low. my wife pushes way more weight and she's only 5'3" 130 something pounds. her back and shoulders appear thicker than yours.

  • i'm not saying this to be a dick but more so just saying it because i'm being a dick. also, i like this photo i just took of her, it gives me an ego erection and physical erection to post her photo. i'm pround of her hard work and figured i'd litter this page with it. also it does draw attention to the fact, that while i'm stoked you "want to do a show" you need to get bigger first. by the time you fully cut down plan on losing another 20lbs and that leaves you smaller than you are now.

i'd post my pics but i'm nothing to brag about @5'11 and 210lbs i'm aware that i need to grow grow grow.



Bodybuilding forum lol

have you found FST-7 and accepted Hany Rambod as your one true kind?


You could learn SO MUCH from H4M its not even funny, not the person the person you should be saying things like that too. The fact is that it doesn't take more then that photo to tell that you are small everywhere, so no he does not need to see you from the side. For your weight your strength isn't horrible ill give you that but its nothing to brag about on a forum dedicated to being big and super humanly strong.

This believe it or not is meant to be constructive, you made a mediocre start and that's where it ends in terms on pats on the back.


When I first clicked on this thread and there was only the one post, it was sad.

Now it's hilarious.




If I were you, I wouldn't have posted those numbers at all. Very strong indeed.


This shall be entertaining


LMFAO @ telling a dude who front squats something like double your back squat to fo fuck himself and you are strong...

It is threads like these, just when I'm ready to give up on the internet, bring me right back in...