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A Good B-Complex Vitamin?

Could someone recommend a good b-complex vitamin for me??

I currently only take this multi, which contains some b-vitamins:


I just use Jamieson’s B vitamin complex, the time released version. Some people say that time released vitamins don’t actually work, but I’ve found a difference in my personal experience.

if taking b12 injections, do you still take oral b vitamins?

You would be better off with Empower from Foodform.com

im not asking about a muli vitamin, but thanks i guess.

any one else???

GNC has the Ultra Mega Gold, a multi with a 100mg B-Complex. Or they have Big 150, a 150mg B-Complex

The best b vitamin on the market, hands down, no-competition.

Max Stress Nano B


It is a whole food source b vitamin in the end-chain form, better than b-12 injections