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A Good Article Today by Our Colucci


Pretty general, as required by the readership, but to the point and well written.

Good job Chris.


I read it, and liked it. Good article for guys that don’t spend time reading the forums.


Thanks, man. I appreciate that.

I wanted to put something together that was more than just a basic “This is what TRT is and this is how it’s done.” I think the perspective of low T being a health issue/medical condition is something guys have trouble wrapping their heads around. Like, they (probably) wouldn’t be as hesitant to get treatment for diabetes or asthma or cancer, but treating low T still has a vibe of not really being “necessary” for some of the reasons I tried to address.


Agreed. Because of athlete abuse, there’s a negative stigma associated with TRT. It’s too bad, and I think the article sheds some light on the topic.


Just to chime in, support your point, I rock about 605 after seven days, so I’m right in the range of “normal.”

It’s made a huge difference in my life. I was 170 before, without jacking up my sleep and stuff, so I am not “supraphysiological,” just normal, compared to most other dudes.