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A Good 3 Day Routine?


I would love to do either your Athlete Lean, Athlete Strong or Zombie Apocalypse workouts, but I can only go to the gym 3x per week due to my work/family schedule.
Is there a way to tailor one of those into a 3 day routine, or is there something else you would suggest for fat loss / conditioning (while maintaining strength) that can be done in 3 days?

Thank you in advance.

Just stretch out the program (one of the 2 you mentioned). Since they are more whole body/big movements than isolated body part work it will still work.

Basically roll through the strength workouts and add the energy systems work (but at a lower volume) at the end of the workouts.

For example with the “Athlete lean” program you would do the strength workouts (4 of them) over a little bit more than a week. For example:

Monday: lower body 1
Tuesday: off
Wednesday: upper body 1
Thursday: off
Friday: upper body 2
Weekend: off

Monday: lower body 2 (week 1)
Tuesday: off
Wednesday: lower body 1 (week 2)
Thursday: off
Friday: upper body 1 (week 2)

So the program will take you 5 or 6 weeks to complete instead of 4

On each lifting day pick from the metabolic/energy system work prescribed and do 15-20 minutes worth at the end of the sessions.