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A Glorious Day in the Republic

Republican control of the White House and Congress. In Texas, Republicans won EVERY statewide race yesterday. It truly is a glorious day in the Republic.


It is a beautiful thing, huh? Makes me glad I vote.

I don’t live in California, I live next door in Nevada - and here is why: Democrats swept California yesterday.

Guy I know is building a house in Sacramento. According to the building code, he has to install an electric car charging station in his garage. It’s a separate line to the transformer, which is big bucks. What a bunch of fruitcakes over there…

Republicans? Oh great, now we can look forward to war, more terrorist attacks and less educational programs and funding! Woo hoo! I agree that we do need more T-men in office, and we definitely need more people working together rather than against each other.

I could go on and on about why the Republican party is MUCH better for America, but I’ll refrain. Although I do think that most T-Men would be Republicans as the idea of hard work, dedication and family (not to mention morals) are something they have in common. However in regards to your comment about war; think of it as chess, they made their ‘check’ move on 9/11, and soon we’ll make the ‘check-mate’ move, and sometimes those moves are a bitch!

This is a mystery to me. I voted Republican, but only because there is a marginal chance that they will let me keep a little more of my money. Step back and take a look at the parties. They are both good ol boy gangs run by white male lawyers. ALL polititians will say whatever they have to to get elected. ALL party’s agendas involve co-ercion to some extent. ALL parties want to further restrict freedom – just in different ways. When I hear someone cheering for a particular candidate or party, the word that comes to mind is sheep. Menken said it best: “Democracy is the theory that the public knows what it wants, and deserves to get it – good and hard!”

Can the same thing be said for Libertarian and Green parties?

Huck, do you prefer a different regime or do you just like to quote someone and pretend to be one of the millions of nonconformists?


Huck is right… however you vote, politicians are going to legislate you into the ground. Doesn’t anyone ever contemplate why we need new laws every single year? Does the world really change that much all the time? I too vote republican, because I don’t like having my wallet sucked dry. But the older I get the more I’d like to see people being allowed to just make their own mistakes, do what they want to do (as long as it doesn’t harm someone else), and take the consequences. Want to smoke crack? Go ahead. Make sure you have money for your funeral, because the taxpayers shouldn’t shoulder the burden. Want to experiment with steroids without knowing anything about them? Why make laws? Go right ahead, and just make sure you can pay your medical bills. Simple enough to me.

I was always a fan of checks and balances… Even if they do happen to slow (a requisite) things down. It’s definitly a better idea to debate and even filibuster when necessary, cause that’s what embodies a true democracy. Let’s remember that Saddam unanimously cinched his vote; what good does his rubber stamp do for the populace? (a skewed analogy indeed, but u get the idea).

America seems to be best off when there is a balance of power, unfortunately we just lost that balance.

Ada, being a T-man doesn’t mean you have to associate with one party over another because of a few qualities that they try to associate themselves with. Personally, I don’t care for some ideas that Republicans have, but the same can be said for some of the Democrat’s ideas. There are ways to avoid war. And the Republicans tend to have their own agenda when it comes to war. Hey, don’t get me wrong, I think we need to estabish ourselves as “taking no shit” from terrorists or those that pose a serious threat to our nation. And even though it’s not good to think in this way, war is always a good way to boost a lagging economy. I just don’t agree that people should lose their lives because a politician wants to take control of the world’s oil production. But that’s a whole other argument that I don’t even want to get into. I really can’t stand politics, and I think that all politicians are crooked in some way.

Huck, you’re right on the money with that one. No matter who you affiliate with, they are always working for and against each other. Wouldn’t it be nice if there were no party affiliations? I think it would be better to just vote for people based on what they hope to accomplish to make things better for all American people, rich or poor. And no matter what, they should all have good moral beliefs (but we’d have to talk about this one since some people have different ideas of morals. I’m personally Pro-choice, and I think that’s morally acceptable, which tends to go against Republican ways) and learn to always “do the right thing.” Even though I tend to vote democrat, it doesn’t mean I always vote democrat. And it doesn’t mean I don’t always agree with their views. I try to vote for who will do the best things for us. Who will reduce class sizes and improve education? Who will protect the environment? Who will rid crime and stay tough on the death penalty? Who will make things fair for rich and poor? Who will help establish medical coverage for everyone, not just those that can afford it? Who will lead us in a morally-uplifting way? Who will make our society better for everyone? Who will still let us be free, independent and keep our individuality? Let’s vote for someone who will “do the right thing.” Let’s get some T-men to lead the country.

Nate Dogg, you said: “I just don’t agree that people should lose their lives because a politician wants to take control of the world’s oil production. But that’s a whole other argument that I don’t even want to get into.”

Well, you said it, so you brought the argument on yourself. Do you really think the only reason we are going to war is so Bush can control the oil supply? You don’t think it might have anything to do with those annoying things called nuclear missiles? Unfortunately bro, most Americans would rather not have a mushroom cloud over Chicago and so we support the war. Please do not trivialize such a serious matter by talking about oil. It is a stupid argument that has no factual basis.

Also Nate, if you are personally pro choice, what kind of moral leader would you suggest? I have just never heard of a leader who had morals and was pro abortion.

I have no problem admitting that I vote democrat almost all of the time. I don’t think that makes me any less of a T-man at all. I take care of my family, and do have many conservatives values, but I also feel that money is not the most important thing. Everytime we get a tax cut where I am from, I get about $200 extra. Hey, that’s great, but unfortunately my kids’ schools are suffering even more, and I can’t even get a journal on nutrition at my local university because the funding has been cut! I would gladly give back the extra $200 if it would mean my university library and computer labs could be functional again, and my kids could get a better, safer education. Just my opinion though

You’re right. Going to war has a lot more to do than just oil production. It has to do with ridding the world of terrorists, nuclear weapons and many other things! Like I said, I’m not totally against war. Republicans just tend to go that route more so.

As for being Pro-choice and still have moral beliefs, answer me this. Why should anyone tell another person what they can or can’t do to their own body? And why is it typically men that try to tell women what they can or can’t do? Abortion is up to the choice of the people involved. And no one should make it illegal to make that choice. What about women who are raped? Or find it medically necessary to abort? Should that be illegal? Or should abortion only be for some uses but not others?

I grew up Catholic, and I know all about morals and beliefs that the Catholic Church instilled in me. I know right from wrong. And even though some believe that abortion is wrong, I am and always will remain pro-choice. I have steered away from the Catholic Church and religion in general. This doesn’t mean that I am atheist. And it doesn’t mean I no longer believe God or the things I was taught. But I do have many problems with religion, and that is a whole other issue that is not worth me debating because it’s my own personal opinion, and some will believe the same way I do, and others, probably like yourself will believe in a whole different way.

But isn’t it interesting how religion changes over the years? Have you noticed that the Catholic Church now accepts you if you’re gay? I remember when I was being brought up when the Catholic Church said that being gay was a sin, and you would go straight to hell for being gay. But that’s no longer the case. And other things have changed over the years as well. Personally, whatever choice you make in life should be your own. Whether someone believes being gay or doing something else to your own body is wrong, they should have no right to say you can’t do it. It’s just like smoking. Cigarette smoking is horrible, not only to the person doing it, but to others who breathe in the second-hand smoke. Is there a law that says you can’t smoke? Is it illegal to smoke? No. But is it illegal to smoke in certain places? Yes. And there is no problem in restricting it to certain areas since it does harm other people. And still, there is no law or rule that prohibits people from doing it!

So where are we now? You are allowed to do certain things to your body (smoking, drugs, alcohol), but not others (abortion)? Doesn’t make sense to me. Like I said, I’m pro choice, that’s my opinion. It’s shared by me and many others. Just like you being pro life and having your own supporters. I do live morally and have strong beliefs on certain matters. But don’t say that because I’m pro choice that I am do not have any morals or could be a leader. If you want to debate that, then we can talk about people who find murder morally acceptable, yet remain pro life. Double standard?

Sorry Nate, but I agree with Clubber on this one. The Iraq issue is much more complex than oil control. Hussein is a ruthless dictator who supports terrorism, gased his own people, and has WOMD/chem and bio. weapons and is working on nukes. Oh yeah, he also hates the US cause we reamed him about 10 years ago and he won’t allow UN weapons inspectors to take a look at what he’s got cooking. Wonder why? He’s also violated about every other UN sanction. Lastly, I still find it hard to believe that the same americans who wept on 9/11 about 14 months ago, whine about going to war against ruthless despots who support terrorism and pose a tremendous threat themselves to OUR well-being. Sorry Nate, just had to get this out of my system. Not trying to attack you dude.

Nate Dogg…Do the country a favor and on election day stay at the gym because you do’nt have a clue about whats going on in this country.