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A Glimpse Into Our Healthcare Future


Malpractice always has and will continue to happen, but.....

do you think this guy can sue for damages? No he cannot.


I hate the NHS as much as anyone but lets give it a fair trial.

Negligence victims are eligible for compensation. http://www.nhsla.com/Claims/

Plus extreme malpractice awards do drive up the cost of american health care.

America has its share of malpractice too. http://abcnews.go.com/Health/story?id=7894463&page=1

These might be a better starting points:






At least he kept his health insurance after he lost his job.


bullshit sensationalism fear mongering at its finest.


Dude you cannot say that unless you personally have experienced it. My grandfather had to wait 1 year in Italy for a surgery, only for his cancer to get worse, to the point where he died waiting. There are reasons why people don't like it, and unless you have anything nice to say about it other than anyone having access to it, you cannot criticize people's legitimate opinion about it.

Above you have a British guy criticizing the NHS, and he of all people would know better than someone who thinks he knows about it.


Typical Lib strategy. You won't debate facts so you just try your best to bash the messenger. From now on when you respond can you just type "BUSH LIED!!!"? That should suffice.


Im inclined to agree with borrek on this. Your OP is out of context and not based on facts. I could easily create a similar post about the american health care system.

Thats not to say the NHS is without problems.


This is probably more cause for concern:

"A patient lobby group is demanding an urgent review of basic hospital care after highlighting accounts of "appalling" NHS standards.

Relatives told the Patients Association how their loved ones, often elderly people, were left lying in faeces and urine and were not helped to eat."



My post was not about problems with the NHS, and the OP was not simply posting a story about the NHS. The bullshit part is the imaginary line drawn from British health care to US health care. It has been stated over and over that the (now defunct) plan was not like the NHS or like CanadaCare. This most certainly was not a "Glimpse Into Our Healthcare Future"


Poor stretch.

If you want me to believe that US healthcare under Obama will be like British healthcare, then scare up some of those facts, and we'll have a debate. You posted a horror story about the NHS. So what? Do your due diligence and post facts about [i]our[/i] proposed health care plan that should scare me. And I do mean facts, not spun up talking points. As it stands, there is nothing to debate with you.



Give this a read, It may be difficult to understand and time consuming but if you want your proof here it is.

I will wait a week or two for you to finish reading this before we debate.


It's common sense. To suggest otherwise, is to suggest that everyone can be provided top notch medical care, using the best uncurbed medical advances, with timely access to a supply of doctors that aren't falling even further behind the demand. And, and, make it cheaper. And, and, the government can keep up with the costs. There's a reason it sounds like utopian fantasy.

I'd like to hear them tell us the trade-offs in their own words, honestly. You all aren't Santa Claus, so shoot straight with us. What are the trade offs?


And, our healthcare future in their own words. Just so we don't get into the "Public option isn't meant to lead to single payer" crap.


Fair argument.

Can I ask though; does everyone currently have access to top notch medical care with a timely access to an unlimited supply of doctors? No, of course not. There is already rationing of health care, already a limited supply of doctors, and it's already more expensive than the care found in most other industrialized nations, yet without that seeming to have any affect on our general health or life expectancy.

Now, obviously there are other factors involved. Obesity is an epidemic in the sates, the "Baby boomers" are all approaching senior citizenship (the most expensive bracket of the population in terms of health care), etc...

But people act like what we've got now is so wonderful, when it's not. Change needs to occur, and while personally I like the idea of a public option (or maybe even simpler, just the option to buy into Medicare for all citizens), I'm open to hearing other legitimate suggestions. So far I haven't heard any from the public option opposers (the political ones, not the ones on this site), only fear mongering, misinformation, and downright lies.


When controlled for accidents and cultural issues such as violence, don't we have the best life expectancy?


Then I suggest you stop watching Liberal media. Do some research you may just find that the other side of the isle has given many good options. How dare you say they did not give other option when they clearly did.

It involves letting us buy insurance across state lines, tax credits, removing the ability to say no because of a pre-existing conditions, incentives for new doctors, and a bunch of other goodies.

They want free market to take over, when free market takes over prices will go down and availability will go up. Its how America works, all this government involvement is doing is causing prices to go through the roof.

Oh and one more thing, how would you plan to pay for the Medicare for all? In 8 years Medicare will be broke. Are you sure you want that on a national scale?


Borrek just hates the elderly, so he doesn't care.


Actually survival time for most cancers, heart disease, etc. are significantly better in the US than the UK, Canada.

It is ludicrous to think that the "public option" is not going to end in an NHS system. The only way it won't is if the country is completely bankrupt before we get there.

In 15 years when the public option has made it more expensive then we'll blame "evil insurance companies" and get rid of them all together.

If we made it so the public option had to run at a profit then the thing would be out of business in a month.

1.5Trillion/10Million= $150,000 per person not much of a bargain


A glimpse from Canadian doctors and health care experts


Compensation payments to NHS patients have risen by 20 per cent in the past year to a record high of £769million. At this rate more than £2million a day is being paid over claims against the Health Service.

Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-1208970/Man-collapses-ruptured-appendix--weeks-NHS-doctors-took-out.html#ixzz0PQ8RCoP7

Missed that part did ya?

(not that I like the NHS but still).

DO they include malpractice when estimating public option costs?