A Girl is Kicking My Ass, Coach D, HELP!

After taking a fitness sabbatical for the past 4 months I started boxing full time again. I go in and am getting a great workout. By the time I’m 20 minutes into the class I’m dripping with sweat and am exhausted.
I moved to Denver 5 months ago so I don’t really think it’s the altitude but I need to get back into shape.
When we are doing our various drills, pad work and the like, I am so tired it’s getting hard for me to defend myself. I would rather get hit in the head then to make the effort to bob and weave. One of their champions is this girl that is 5’5’’ and 120 lbs. She snaps my head back with her jab like I was a rock ‘em sock ‘em robot.

I would say that it’s about 90% wind and 10% rusty technique. Coach, can you suggest something that would get me back into great condition quickly? I was told to start running sprints instead of long distance. That makes sense. I want to clarify that it’s not my lungs that are getting worked but my whole body is just exhausted. It’s hard to keep my hands up, shoulder burn, etc. If you can’t suggest a remedy other than getting in there and just doing it, how long will it take the body to adapt the this kind of stress. BTW, I’ve been looking around for your website and I can’t find it. What is that address?

Krak - (I preface this by saying I mean well) but this annoy’s me to no end because I have read your posts and know your have the heart of a warrior. You need the “fire” to burn in you. You might think it 90% wind - but probably half of that is “want & desire”. You need more that just sprints, lets get you started on some Back to Basics training - yes you are going to get your butt whipped but there will come a day soon that you will tell this old SOB coach that you cant be broken. When do we start! In faith, Coach Davies

And we’ve just got the initial stages of www.renegadetraining.com. Where taking names on the email list right now and should have the balance up shortly. Join the email list and I’ve got some big surprises on the site. In faith, Coach Davies

I actually like that smack in the face. I agree that it’s want and desire. My buddy that is in great shape watches me fight and between rounds he tells me asks me if I planned on hitting my sparring partner with my purse when I’m done. I suppose I needed a kick in the ass. Give me a few years, I’ll fly you to Vegas so you can watch me fight.

Jumprope and speedbag work, and that old style bag that has a rope from floor to ceiling.
rememeber you dont have to move that far to dodge a punch, maybe relax a bit more and work on dampening your flinch reflex?
You tighten up you wear yourself out

keep me up on how your training goes and if I can help just ask. In faith, Coach Davies