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A Ghost Story Thread


One night a week I wonder the halls of an empty building at the old Childrens hospital in Denver. All the upper floors are empty, and run mostly on emergency lighting, and the automatic doors are also turned off. So one night, I push my way into the burn unit, take a few steps forward and stop.

I take a beat to let my eyes adjust a bit, the door closes behind me, and the next thing I hear is "Hi" from a little girl standing right next to me! On my mothers grave, it sounded like my neice when she was nine years old! Happy and cheerful. An absolute chill ran from my toes to my head, I started walking and raised my hand waving, and said "hello there", and kept walking.

As I was there all night, I repeated this act, exactly the same way, about five more times that night. Nothing. Never heard (or saw) a thing...until the next morning. Sun is up, and I'm on my last round, so I try one more time. walk in, stop, door closes, and I hear a little sound from the door hinges. Nothing even CLOSE to what I heard before, but something none the less.

I have another great story I'll share at some point...do you have any?


This one time, it was really really dark in my bedroom. And this ghost jumped out and scared me.


I was walking in the forest one night and felt something following me. I couldn't figure out why I felt that way but I began to walk faster and faster just to get the hell out of there. It was dusk and I was young, nine I think? By the time I got pretty close to my house I saw this thing in front of me. It was like a shadow or something. It wasn't like the regular white ghost you hear about. This was darker and didn't really have a shape to it. Almost like it was levitating.

When I moved to the right, it followed me. I thought it was my shadow but when I faked one way it followed and there was a delay in how it followed. At this point I got really freaked out so I made a run for it. I went diagonal towards my house hoping I could out run whatever the hell it was. Just as I got to the end of the forest I felt something grab me. I turned and there was nothing there. I told my mom about it and she got scared and said you're moving with your auntie and uncle in Bel-air






Parents just don't understand.



I love the fresh prince!


hahaha, being T-Nation, I was waiting for a comedic ending to one of these ghost stories..heh


My auntie and uncle were in Iowa, so your story isn't really that funny to me. What's a "fresh prince"?

Did you hear that?