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A Game of Thrones (Trailer)


If you've ever wanted to read fantasy but thought it wasn't your thing...this is the one you should read (and later watch the miniseries which begins on April 17th I think)

It's a well-told, complex without being complicated story with great characters, an intriguing plot, action and humor.


This is an excellent series! 4 books in the series are out - A Game of Thrones, A Clash of Kings, A Storm of Swords and A Feast for Crows. This is no kiddie Star Wars fantasy.. this is the real shit! Hugely complex story, with lots of characters that are entwined and surrounded by mystery and emotion. I'm currently reading the third book and I hear George RR Martin plans to top the series out at 7 books.

Can't wait to see this!


I'm also on the third book ( just started) but yeah, George R.R Martin hasn't finished the 5th book yet and many people are wondering why he hasn't (since the others came out quite regularly...the 5th is long overdue).

But I almost don't want to say the books are hugely complex because then people that haven't read them might think they'll be lost. I think it's like Star wars in that way....many names but you never get them mixed up.


7 books? Bad news.

Problem with this is the GRRM is getting old.

I love the serious, but if he pulls a Robert Jordan and dies before they're finished, I'm going to have a shit fit.

But, yes, the books are fantastic. Fantasy for grown-ups. Looking forward to the show.


I like the casting choices for the most part. Hopefully they'll do a good job bringing the books to life.

The way it's supposed to work out is each season = a book. So hopefully this'll be the boot to kick GRRM back into finishing the series.


Words cannot express how excited I am about this. ASOIAF is one of the best series, fantasy or whatever, period

But yeah Since a storm of swords was published in 2000 we had AFFC in 2005 and then.... nothing. I don't think they'll all be published, which is a shame.


I loved these books. I hate waiting for sequels though. Sometime I like to make sure a series is finished before I start reading it just to avoid it.

I'll def watch this though.


Can't wait for this. Also camelot is another sorta similar series coming out on starz, same network with spartacus, so im looking forward to it. Oh btw, if this doesnt get you excited for game of thrones i dont know what will.


LOVE LOVE LOVE these books but if George doesn't wipe the pancakes off his face and get to writing I'm going to lose it. Waiting SOOOOOO long and BTW the last book is only HALF a book. He says he is dividing it into two books, stops basically right in the middle and proceeds to not write another word for YEARS.

Anyhow yeah mini series exciting lol.


When does it start, I still need to finish book 2. Been reading other books lately.


Oh for God's sake. A Feast For Crows was really a half of a book in itself given that it only encompassed half of the characters...now the 5th will be divided too? I have very little hope that this story will ever be finished. Series should be interesting, and I might just have to get HBO for it.


O sorry I wrote that weird.
Was trying to say A Feast for Crows is only half a book... and where is the OTHER HALF? I guess book five is the other half.

When I first started reading these the girl at the bookstore told me I'd be pissed when I got to the end and wanted the next one. She was right LOL. Still epic books just fantastic.


Best series of books I have ever read. Hands down.



Hey Hillbilly the discussion was about the movie. :stuck_out_tongue:

You can read?


Hot wenches, sword fights AND MIDGETS!! Fuck'n A, I'm in.


Last...previous...yea I think that one is on me, probably should have thought that through.



Here's a link to a chapter from A Dance With Dragons if you haven't already read it. The preview from A Feast For Crows was about Daenerys, and this one's about Jon Snow. If nothing else, we all got to read at least 2 chapters from the new book.


For major hilarity check out the amazon page for the yet to be released (and probably yet to be written) A Dance with Dragons. Like a million comments from frustrated fans "reviewing" the book. LOL.


Did you notice the ones that tell you not to buy any of his books out of the series so he will have to finish?

It is a darn good series though.


Not trying to hijack the thread, but another great series is by Guy Gavriel Kay and the first book is[i] "The Summer Tree"[/i].

Much like GRRM he takes from real history and in this case it is definitely influenced by the Byzantine Empire. I really liked it. This author is very good and even assisted Tolkien in the finishing of[i]The Silmarillion[/i]

I know, we have a good books thread, but this author is really right up there with GRRM, at least I think so.