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A Funny Deadlift Question


I've been looking all over the place at deadlifting articles and videos. When I deadlift the bar keeps rubbing/hitting me in the junk when I'm locking it out. Is there some secret to lockout that I'm not seeing? I wear boxers and shorts to the gym.

I'm sure I'll get made fun of for this post, but whatever, I want to know!


Yeah, I have the same problem, but it happens well before lockout all the way through lockout. I just wrap my junk around my waist. This seems to help.


Invest in a jock strap!


Narrower grip, perhaps?

I envision you having short arms and legs. I never had this problem until I tried snatch-grip deads.


^ has a small penis


Put your tail between you legs!


Compression shorts.


tuck your junk like buffalo bill