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A Fullbody Approach

I am thinking about possibly switching to a fullbody approach for a little while just for something different to do for a bit.

I have been doing a Westside inspired split for almost two years and am thinking about seeing what else is out there.

What I have created is a little bit off of Joe Kenn’s Tier System and I’m just looking for a little input. Without further adeiu:

1.Dynamic Warmup
a.Leg Swings
b.Big 3
c.Med Ball Tosses
d.Hip Mobility Drills
2.Injury Prevention
a.Ext. Rotation + Shoulder DL
b.Glute Activation
a.3 exercise Circuit

Day 1:
1.T ? Hang Clean: Priplen’s Chart
2.L ? Unilateral: 3-4x6-8 reps
3.U ? Tricep Press: 4-6 reps
4.Extras: Horizontal Row 4x10 + Curls 2-3x8-10

Day 2:
1.L ? Squat/Deadlift: M/E 1-5RM
2.U ? DB Press: 3-4x8-12 reps
3.T ? Clean Pull (possibly with DB/Strong man): 3-4x3-6 Reps
4.Extras: Vertical Row 3x10 + Accessory PC (GHR/DB Swings) 3-4x8-10

Day 3:
1.Bench Var: M/E 1-5RM
2.Oly Variation: 4-5x2-5 Reps
3.Heavy PC: 4x6-8 reps
4.Extras: Horizontal Row 4x8 + Triceps or Rear Delt 3x8-10