A Full Body Idea

I am currently thinking about going to a 3 Day fullbody approach once I get back to school and start my student teaching/coaching, so I ahve been kicking around some ideas on how to structure it.

I have been doing a Westside inspired routine for about 2 years which really worked well. Alot of the different concepts are going to be integrated into the fullbody routine as it is based off of Joe Kenn’s Tier System.

This is nothing set in stone, but just something I have come up with. And I still may keep tweaking it or just go back to the split approach depending on how I feel.

Ok, enough of that. Here it is:

1 - Dynamic Warmup
2 - Injury Prevention: Ext Rotation + Glute Activation
3 - Ab Circut 3 Exercises: 2-3 sets of 10-15
1.T ? Hang Clean: Priplen?s Chart
2.L ? Unilateral Leg: 3-4x6-8 reps
3.U ? Close Grip Bench: 3-4x4-6 reps
4.Extras: Horizontal Row 4x10 + Curls 2-3x8-10

Day 2:
1.L ? Squat/Deadlift M/E:1-5RM
2.U ? DB Press 3-4x8-12 reps
3.T ? Clean Pull (possibly with DB/Strong man) 3-4x3-6 Reps
4.Extras: Vertical Row 3x8-10 + Accessory PC 4x10 (GHR/DB Swings)

Day 3:
1.Bench Var: M/E: 1-5RM
2.Oly Variation: 5x2-5 Reps
3.Heavy PC: 4x6-8 reps
4.Extras: Horizontal Row 4x8 + Triceps or Rear Delt 2-3x10-12


You forgot the Squat Rack curls…add those and it will be perfect

What are your goals?

I’d have to say that this program looks pretty solid. It looks as if you have put plenty of thought into it. What are your ideas for periodization?

I assume you are working up to a max of 1-5 on your ME lifts.

The oly lifts/speed training may need to be placed first in your program.

Yea I guess I did forget the goals. Here they are:

Hang Clean: 315. The highest I have gotten have been is 310, but that was a year ago during football. It is probably around 290ish now.

Bench: 315. Highest is 295.

Squat: 460. Highest is 440

Bodyweight: Maintain the 230-235 weight. Some energy system work will be added a couple days a week with some BW GPP or Interval Sprints or slow cardio to help with that.

Get a huge flipping set of traps/neck (neck work is done pre-workout too)

I am debating on where to put those OLY’s. I know that they should always come first because of their complexity. But I have also read that Kenn will keep them later in the workout to help develop the explosion when tierd quality. I’ll play around with it.

As far as periodization goes I’m not really sure. Any thoughts?

I was just thinking go hard for 4 (2 mini cycles of m/e) weeks then deload. Then start it all over again.

Just a couple of points:

  1. the tier system normally has a 6 set/5 set/4set structure for tiers 1-3 unless you’re doing DE type work. I know this is probably the most easily manipulated variable but it’s a simple way of managing workload and I found it worked pretty well.

  2. I’d add in a posterior chain movement at the end of every session. Something like GH raises or a back extension.

  3. as far as periodisation goes, I always just do 3 hard weeks and one scaled back a bit. As your goals change you could move into prioritising speed, hypertrophy or whatever by changing the order of the tiers, but I have never done this.

  4. search for posts by Big MArtin on this subject - VERY useful.

[quote]buckeye75 wrote:
As far as periodization goes I’m not really sure. Any thoughts?

This is part II:

I usually disagree about performing complicated lifts with high fatigue levels because there is a tendency to develop bad form. The same concept applies in sports where technique is key (like jiu-jitsu for instance). This, however, is my personal perspective on the matter and it has worked well for me. If your technique is solid, go for it!