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A Friendly Wager


My training partner and I were talking and he challenged me to a bet. I don't feel too great about my chances , but I figure it will motivate me to make some progress if nothing else. The bet is for $50 and I have to bench 225 for 10 reps on the 21st of August. Another $50 bet is 235x7 in the same session.

I can probably get 225x6 right now and 235 3 or 4 times. I'm currently about 185 lbs. and I've already loaded on creatine. My plan is to be atleast 190 on the 21st and lift heavy chest and triceps 3 or 4 times before the 19th, where I'll take 2 days off before the test. Any advice besides eating everything in sight? Training advice? Is this achievable in such a short time frame? (10 days)


Try using some of Poliquin's New GVT theory and go 10X5, 10X4, 10X3. Shoot for 225 on 10X4 day, then 245 on 10X3. Also, really check your form and tighten it up.


It seems like that would take a lot longer. IMHO with only 10 days, the best way to up the reps with 225/235 would be to spend some time with the bar every day. Jim Wendler's last article, "How to Bench Like a Stripper" talked about how at least 50 reps every day with an empty bar, focusing on technique, would be very beneficial. Also, some GTG a la Pavel could work too. Lots of doubles or triples with 225, and singles or doubles with 235, and take it real easy a few days before the 21st. Something to think about at least, maybe the guys smarter than me can chime in.



You might want to quickly contact Coach Joe DeFranco who has an entire video dedicated to being able to bench 225 lbs. as many times as possible.

Look for his articles here on t-nation.


I'd definitely look up that article about bench form as well. Can't remember who wrote it. Also, you could try to utilize the 1,6 principle where you hit a max single and then try to max out your reps 3-4 minutes later. You'll be hard pressed to bring up your reps in this amount of time though.


After reading Mike Robertson's article on bench technique I feel a little more confident that I can get this. Nice comments. Anyone know how to get ahold of Defranco?