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A Friendly Challenge - Battling Program ADD

I have an idea for a friendly challenge for those of us who get distracted by shiny things. @isdatnutty and I were discussing how committing to a simple program can have the same results as always trying the newest, greatest thing.

This thread will hopefully serve as a challenge and source of accountability for those of us who need to just put their head down and work for an extended period of time.

The challenge is simple - pick a program and run it until the end of the year. If the program has a set time period then run it as is and just start over once you “finish”. The idea/goal is to run one program for the next three to four months.

If you’re like @T3hPwnisher and want to run Deep Water, then you could simply run each version in succession - Beginner, Intermediate, and what I can only assume would be Instant Death for the advanced version.

There will be no rewards. If you need that much motivation then you have more problems than this little thread can solve. I’m still recovering from shoulder surgery. I intend to get my full release from the doctor on September 5th, so I will officially be starting this on September 10th (the Monday following my appointment). If you want an official start date then call it September 1st. You can start now, of course, but putting it off gives you one last chance to change your mind (again).

Participation is simple - post that you’re in and share your program. You can just give the name like 5/3/1 BBB 3 Month Challenge, or you can write it out if it’s more custom. The second step is to create (or continue) a training log.

Use this thread to encourage one another, talk a little smack, and share videos/pics. For those of you who participate in the T-ransformation Challenge, you could run a nice bulking program to prepare for your “before” photo.

Try to drop in around September 1st to submit your program.

@dagill2 @TrainForPain @mr.v3lv3t @boyce79 @mortdk


Just to clarify, my submission for Deep Water was more as a suggestion for WHAT program to run during the time frame. I’m most likely going to be prepping for a comp during this.

Still, excited for the development for everyone.


At the end of the year, there should be a vote who the “winner” was.

I will personally send that person $100 dollars via venmo or paypal.

Now that you are incentivized get to some heavy lifting!!!


I know. You don’t have any trouble sticking to a plan. But maybe this thread will convince someone else to try Deep Water.

I’m torn between going back to one of my old training methods and doing something completely new and different. The new stuff challenges my confidence because I don’t understand how it progresses other than the workouts are hard. It might be just what I need though.

If we’re going down that road then we’ll need to share some sort of progress. I guess before and after stats (lifts, body measurements, etc) or photos would suffice; something to show progress/improvement.

If people want to vote at the end then I’d like to leave the parameters wide open. Let people judge based on whatever they want - improved maxes, improved physique, completing the most miserable program, most workouts completed (or fewest workouts missed), etc. Let’s make it a free for all. :laughing:

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Someone on the first week of January just needs to tag me and say “Nutty this person gets the $100”. Then I’ll get their phone or email and will send them the funds! I think voting at the end makes the most sense. The person with the most votes gets it. Keeps it simple (just like the programming!).


I’m in.

I’m sure @Chris_Colucci can fill you in on how to do voting on the thread when the time comes. It should also fit nicely into the Transformation 2020.

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Good stuff, JM.

Voting polls are super-simple. It’s just clicking an option in the reply box when you post. I’m just not totally clear on what would be voted on. Just general “improvement”? Okay, but it’s vague and tough to compare.

If someone bulks up 20 good pounds in 4 months, how does that compare to a guy who pulled 495 for the first time? Just something to clarify well beforehand, or maybe bypass the reward altogether (I mean, unless Nutty has money just burning a hole in his pocket, ha). Those superlatives (fewest sessions missed, most brutal program, etc.) could be interesting, though a little more complicated.

Also, I’d really recommend picking a tag to keep things more organized with who’s in, especially if it’s spread out through everyone’s training logs. Something like “noadd19” or “committed” would be clear and simple.

Me neither, which is why I left it as a participation only kind of thing. But I won’t shoot down the idea, either.

Can I create a custom tag or do you have to do it? I like “committed”.

You should be able to edit the thread’s first post to create a tag.

I tried that and it comes up as “No Matches Found” and there doesn’t seem to be an option to create a new tag.

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This isn’t my challenge, but if it is about program compliance, THAT is what should be evaluated and rewarded. Rewarding for outcomes, people will be inclined to NOT comply with a program to get better results.

If your lifts drop 20lbs and you get fatter but you didn’t alter a single rep, set or exercise the entire time, THAT should be victory.


I agree, I think program compliance is the whole point. We are trying to cure program ADD I think!


For you lazier guys out there. I think you can comply with this!

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Very good point. To quote Dan John - the goal is to keep the goal the goal. That’s literally what the challenge is/was originally about. Shifting focus in the first two hours would be ironic.


Just reinforcing why we need this!

And thank you for fixing the tag.

So just sticking with a program for 6 month’s?


I think that’s what it is. Posting on September 1st “this is what I’m doing and not changing anything” (not exercises, not sets/reps, not frequency, etc) until the end of the year.

From January 1st you change whatever you want lol.

Well in that case I’m out considering the method I’m using.

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If it’s what your program dictates I think you’d be fine.