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A Friend Said Whey Is No Good?


I had a friend tell me that Whey is not good because it is not how the body is use to taking in Protein.





Not used to taking in protein like that? What through the mouth haha?

Not true.


Them's fighting words 'round here, boy.

But seriously the idea of thinking that a highly processed powder derived from cow's milk is as good or better than 'real' food does seem to warrant a discussion.

I'm no authority but a couple of things.

The normal way the body takes in protein is through the mouth. Thats about it. If you eat it the body will figure out the rest.

Second, with a proper healthy diet whey protein powder seems to agree with me very well!

I think it agrees with 100% of the people on this board.

Its a supplement only - not a food source.

If you have the time and desire you could take a little portable barbeque and have cook yourself a nice steak straight after your workouts! Or I suppose you could drink some milk but where would the fun be in that?


Tell him the internet says it's just fine.


lol and dont ever change your avatar btw.




Actually whey is absorbed BETTER than eggs (which were considered the gold standard before). Eggs were given an arbitrary rating of "100" back when they made the bioavailability scale, and whey gets 104... so your friend is wrong on all accounts.


"No good" for what?


I would no longer seek health/fitness advice from this friend.


I had a friend tell my the Earth is flat since that's how it appears on the map.





Seriously, just go away. Between this, "tips for sweating" and "what is a pump," the best advice you could receive from this forum is to step away from your computer...and try engaging large men in conversations...pick their brains a bit...FFS.


I can't use whey. I blow up like a freakin balloon.


I actually heard that whey is best taken as a suppository.


the mouth? oooooh i've been doing it wrong all along!(anal)

but seriously, my roommate tells me that eating protein is a waste of time cause the body burns alot of it digesting it, and also passes some right through in the pee. i told him that i should probably start eating like him then, and sport myself some wicked sick 11" guns


Well not a waste, but this part is true. But if "waste" is burning a couple hundred extra calories a day(think saved cardio session) just by taking in say extra protein and taking out equal carbs. Same calories taken in, more calories burned, that is a good thing to me.