A Fresh Slate with Room to Build

Ok, so to start I am a bit late here, but I will start now and continue on.

My goals with this forum: let T-Nation see what I am doing and help to correct or improve towards my end result.

A small bit of history: I have been overweight most of my life. I hit Middle School at 5’6" weighing in at 205. I graduated high school at 5’8" and about the same weight. For about 15 years I have been concerned with my weight and wanted to get fit. Football was tough for the fat kid! So, 14 years after I set the goal I finally attained it. Last year I finally put those thoughts to action and got serious. I dropped 50 pounds in 3 months - the right way. I say the right way because I have cut weight before, felt better…but I needed to face it, cutting weight is not really loosing weight - it comes right back.

What did I do: I completely changed and controlled my diet and got in a ton of basic but good exercises.

The details of my initial diet and exercise:

Food: I ate nothing but chicken breast, raw and steamed vegetables (only the green ones), tuna fish (NO mayo, hot sauce only), raw oatmeal, peanut butter, protein shakes, vitamins and water. I ate plenty. Eating chicken breast marinated in hot sauce to exhaustion proved to be much better than eating pizza to exhaustion!

Exercise: I did the basics and started off slow, but pushed it. I did push ups in every form, dips, pull-ups, and chin-ups for upper body work. Bicycles, scissors, hyper extensions, and side to sides for core work. And I did weightless squats and calf raises for leg work. Finally I did a ton of running, or what turned into running after a couple of weeks and progressed to a 30+ mile a week journey.
After eating like this and working these exercises for at least 2 hours a day for three weeks I could see results. After 3 months I felt better than I ever felt in my life.

Since I have not changed my diet and have just added more exercise with some resistance. It has been nearly a year and the weight issue is finally resolved. It is off and gone, at least in the form it was here.

Since I hit a plateau I now need new direction. So, time to get bigger.

I have written up a food log to conform to and an exercise regimen to abide by. My goals, gain muscle and retain as well as deepen cuts.

With that said, if anyone has taken the time to read this and see anywhere in the routine and/or log below that I can change to increase gain and strength - let me know.

All supplements included in the routine are BSN products

Daily Routine:

5:30AM - 1 Cup Oatmeal w/ 3 tsp Flax Seeds, 1 scoop Lean Dessert (BSN, Cinnamon Roll). 2 AXIS-HT Tablets

6:00AM - 4 Nitrix Tablets and 2 scoops N.O. Explode

6:30AM - 2 Mile Run for speed, followed by a scoop of Cellmass

9:00AM - 2 Atro-Phex Capsules and 6 hardboiled egg whites

12:00PM - 4 Nitrix Tablets

12:45PM - 2 Atro-Phex Capsules, 2 AXIT-HT Tablets, 6 Hard boiled egg whites.

4:00PM - BSN Syntha-6 Shake

4:30PM - 4 Nitrix Tablets and 2 scoops N.O. Explode

5:00PM -Weight / Endurance Training

    Mon - Chest, Back, Abs - advancedlamps.com/routine/mon.txt

    Tue - Jump Training

    Wed - Shoulders, Abs - advancedlamps.com/routine/wed.txt

    Thu - Resistance Stretching

    Fri - Legs, Back, Abs - advancedlamps.com/routine/fri.txt

    All followed by 1 scoop of Cellmass

8:00PM - 2 AXIS-HT Tablets, huge salad with a chicken breast and hot sauce for dressing. Chicken breast is sometimes substituted by tuna or salmon. Salad is substituted by steamed asparagus or other steamed greens.

10:30PM - Non-Fat Cottage cheese with a scoop of Syntha-6

Of course there is a ton of water intake throughout the day and the only other liquid I consume is coffee, about a 1/2 pot a day.

I started May 25th with a pretty intense 42 mile mountain bike ride and then the routine commenced. I have attached photos of day 1 for comparison along my path.

FBD-thanks for getting this started.

After reading your write up here I realized that we both have allot in common. I have struggled with weight every since I can remember and finally at age 28 I can say that I am in the best shape ever and have a ton more room for work.

Current Stats:

6’8" 280lbs
Bench 235 (X’s 1)
Ass to Grass Squat 225 (X’s 1)
Deadlift 315 (X’s 3)
Currently Running 2 miles consistently around the 18 minute range every other day or every 3rd day depending how the old wheels hold out

I have recently dropped 35lbs from 315 down to my current 280.


Weight 260 ( -20lbs )
Bench 315 ( +80lbs )
Ass to Grass Squats 315 ( +90lbs )
Deadlift 450 ( +135 )
2 miles consistently in the 17 minute range (-1 minute)

I am going to make these goals in the next 3 months. Pretty aggressive on the weights…I know, but I gain my strength back quickly and my current lifting stats should easily move up 25lbs on every lift as long as I keep the weights moving hard for the next few weeks.

My diet will be the same everyday.

9am Oatmeal (160 cals)
12pm Egg White Sandwiches (300 Cals)
5pm South Beach Bar ( 210 Cals )
7pm 16 oz Chicken Breast or 1lb of Ground Turkey and 1lb of steamed Broccoli or asparagas (1485 cals)

Cals 2155
Fat 68
Net Carbs 165
Fiber 30
Protein 200

The thought behind the calorie surge at dinner is that I will be lifting or doing some sort of workout before this meal and I know from reading T-Nation articles that High Protein and a little bit of carbs post w/o is a necessity. It will also help me get through the night without any cravings.
I also work at a desk during the day and minus hitting a bucket of golf balls at lunch I am pretty much in active between 9am and 5pm, hence the low calories during the day.

I will add this soon

The purpose of this post: Motivation.

I will post pics and log my successes as I move forward. I will list any changes I make to my diet here and also document any cheats. By sharing my successes and failures I hope to get some support and encouragement as i move forward and start to hit the hard parts. We all know a program is easy when it first gets started. Not easy as in workload, but easy as in “hey, I am motivated to kick some ass.” As things begin to plateau and they always do, I will be looking back to this site to help keep me motivated.

As far as suggestions… I love them and welcome them. I will say that my body is very unique and reacts different than most of yours to foods and exercise. I finally feel like I have a good grasp of what works and what doesnt. But, I am still up for hearing thoughts.

Week 1 over, beginning week 2

Week 1 was a good introduction. Got 2 good weight lifting sessions in but only one 2 mile run. I did manage to get 3.5 hours of mountain bike riding in on Saturday. Its amazing…I weighed 282 when I left for the ride. I drank 64oz of water while riding and still weighed in at only 277 when I got home. Diet was on point except for 2 beers that I had on Friday and 5 that I had on Sunday. I am starting to feel that every little cheat has a huge affect on my weight. I was 279 sunday when I woke and 282 after having 5 beers. This morning (Monday) I woke up at 284 which was kind of scarey. I know I shouldnt be as focused on the scale as I am but its a hard habit to break. It can literally determine my mood for the day. Hoepfully i can break away from this over the next 3 months.

I am still ready to rock and roll as I begin this week. Going to hit golf balls after work, lift with upper body tonight and then get my first 2miles of the week in tomorrow morning before work. I am determined to see 260 lbs by August. I told a friend the other day ( the guy I was drinking beers with ) I wanted to loose another 20 lbs and he couldnt believe it.

i showed him my bible( my notebook where every exercise and food gets logged) and he was very surprised to see the dedication. Little did he know I have kept a log since last November when this all started. For anyone who reads this and doesnt keep a log, start! It is a huge benefit when you need to find out what went wrong. Just go back and do the research.

Anyways, back to work. Just writing a bit to keep myself honest.

Glad to have someone on board who is working with the same time frame. Motivation is a key factor and when you are a person working in your home gym without support things can get undone. Not a good way to hit goals.

With week one I completed my complete routine daily. Saturday I also hit the trails for a bit over 3 hours and had a blast. Mountain biking is an awesome replacement for stationary cardio. Fun riding and enduring. With this ride I did put off my Saturday Kempo class, but I did that Sunday coupled with the Resistance stretching, which I have to say is an AWESOME end of a week of training. The bike ride tore off two and half pound from me and I stayed hydrated and had the oatmeal mix listed above as well as a shake, so it probably took more like 5, but I Made that back. Sunday night I splurged on food since I had weight loss and my goal is weight gain. I hit the grill with a pound of asparagus and 6 chicken breat - hot sauce only of course. I made sure I ate it by lights out Sunday night. Got my weight right back to where it needed to be.

In addition I can absolutely see a difference already in cuts. I Have to get some measurements done to properly guage growth so I will post that pretty soon.

I have one issue that I know I have to deal with. One bicep is a full inch bigger around than the other. I hit the same weights with the same reps and it constantly outgrows the other arm. Any suggestions on leveling things out? I dont want to end up with a 16 and a 20 inch bicep!

With that said week 2 has commenced and the chest/back workout last night wet good, added reps and weight. Looking forward to making that happen for every session, every week.