A frequent debate

Exactly Goldberg. I think it’s the right approach. I shoot for 4 workouts a week. If you include stretching as an additional workout, it’s more like 7-11 workouts a week. In the spring(we have snow today in pa.), I’ll add some cycling up to about ten miles a few times a week. Xvest walks, 1-3 miles etc. I have all the westside equipment at my office, so I can do additional workouts if I choose. My schedule often prevents it, but do them if you can.
AT an extreme, we use our muscles every time we move right? Well why not more work, but at a lower intensity. Dr. Mike Hartle recently wrote on the Renegade website about kids, gpp, and farmwork. Farmers don’t say, “well I beter not work hard today, since I did my heavy hay baling workout yesterday.”
They do the work.
Do the extra workouts, but keep the intensity down, of course.