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A Free Online Background Check?


does anyone know of any online background checks that are actually free? im having some trouble getting a part time job for the upcoming school semester because of my background checks. im pretty sure that its a few MIPs and a disorderly conduct. id like to know for sure though


Where do you live?

In Wisconsin you can just google "circuit court records" and put in a first and last name along with a birth date. This will bring up someones past adult record.


what jobs are you applying for that run a background check?


I can do one for you, I'll just need your date of birth, and your social security number, all of your banking account numbers, as well as the routing numbers for your financial institution, credit card numbers(don't forget the little coed on the back of the card) and home address. If you send me all that, I can hook you right up.


Wow desperate for money?

OP just go to your local cop station and they will run a background check for about $20 (random guess but it's not much). Plus you won't have people like boatguy trying to steal your shit. I had to have mine done for what I am taking in school.


thanks for the ideas guys. i live in MI so ill try searching for similar to what you recommended p-dub.
boatguy haha try your luck elsewhere


If you have anything hurting you just go get it expunged at a courthouse. If you have a Federal problem like me, your fucked.