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A Forgotten Bodybuilder

I was thinking the other day of bbs who inspired me. I have to say that albert beckles was one of them.

Not just for his physique, I think He possesed some of the greatest biceps ever.

But how he looked for his age. I actually knew him pretty well, trained with him sometimes, and even talked bb when I used to be interested.

I remember when he was 65 and still was razor sharp, probably better than anyone I have ever seen at that age. funnything is hes now 76 and still looks good.

If you look closely hes in pumping iron on stage.

incase youve never seen his bicep

one more pic!

Damn impressive… do you have any pics of him at 76?

I never forgot about him.

He was the one that picked my interest when I was younger and inspires me to this day. I always wonder what he’s up to.

Underappreciated is more like it…I think Weider leaned toward Robby Robinson & Rick Wayne back then (but this is speculation)…

I actually knew him very well for about 7 years. I trained with him often and would speak alott. He is such a cool guy I cant even put it into words.

He took me backstage to my first bodybuilding show and introduced me to paul dillett kevin levrone and lee priest when he was the judge. He used to judge the olympia to. Whatever thats worth.

If you ever want to meet him, pop into NorthHollywood Golds gym.hes not there as much but still trains there.

[quote]rrjc5488 wrote:
Damn impressive… do you have any pics of him at 76?[/quote]

unfortunately i haven’t been near the area for a few years. He stays pretty covered up.

but I last trained with him in 2001 and can tell you he was razor fucking sharp 6% BF. awesome a body that most of us would die for. and we aren’t talking about those old juice heads either.

ON a side note lets petition T-Nation to do an interview with him.

come on guys, imagine the stories he has about bodybuilding , he is in arnolds class. His perspective would be great.

And even getting some training advice from him. I had some dam good workouts with him as well

So write if you want a petition to interview.

[quote]Kill’Em All wrote:
ON a side note lets petition T-Nation to do an interview with him.


An interview would be very cool. The first thing I remember about looking in a body building mag was his bicep.

He looks Sik!

His back detail has never been matched and those biceps were always the best.

When I was 15 years old I sent away for a “Universal Bodybuilding” Course from the adds in the back of Boy’s Life Magazine. The first page was a picture of Albert Beckles, you are right his Biceps are what I noticed first.

10 years later I was watching the European Grand Prix and Albert won the competition. I do not recall his age at the time, but when the interviewed him after he won the announcer commented about his age and asked him if he was ever going to slow down. ALbert’s response was -

“When they nail me in the box”.

Those words have been a primary motivator for me to this day, one of those moments you never forget. At 47 when folks ask me if I’m ever going to slow down I usually have only one comment for them…when they nail me in the box!!!

I never forgot him!!!

have not thought about him in years and years but I would say I always thought he was the epitome of what is good in the sport + class + persistence + long term training etc… and it would be good to see him brought back to the attention of modern folk, perhaps an in depth article