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A Few ?


This may be a newbie question but I was wondering a few things. For one, what are the different types of basic body comps. I know ectomroph, endomorph, and mesomorph (sp?)? What are the differences and what do they each resemble.

My second question is what are the different "timings", for lack of better words, such as Anabolism, Catabolism, etc.?


metabolism = catabolism + anabolism
anabolism = building up
catabolism = breaking down

so, when you eat food, you catablize it to break it down to its basic components (amino acids, sugars, fatty acids)

anabolisim is when you take those components and make something (ie amino acids-> protein)

not sure what you mean about timing


Mesomorph, ectomorph, endomorph, anabolism and catabolism all mean the same thing. Google.


ectormorph: narrow shoulders, long limbs, fast metabolism, and relatively skinny; usually have a hard time gaining muscle

mesomorph: more muscle than fat, fast metabolism, naturally muscular looking, relatively easy muscle gain

endomorph: more fat than muscle, however it's relatively easy for them to gain muscle

These are just the main qualities of the different body types based upon natural/environmental circumstances. With resistance and endurance training you can change your body type, because you can lose mucle/gain muscle and train muscle fibers to act differently.

As far as timings of anabolism and catabolism, they're costantly occuring.