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A few vids for you to analyze

These were my lifts from the meet yesterday. It was my second competition ever.

A few things I already noticed:
-could be faster under the bar
-could go deeper into the squat (I am capable of that)

Advices are very much appreciated :slight_smile:

PS: the warmup area is right behind the curtain, that’s where the screams come from :smiley:
PPS: Training bests are 70 kg in the Snatch (done last friday) and 90 kg in the C&J (done in July 2010).

You need to pull yourself under the bar properly. You didn’t really do that in any of your lifts. Your 2nd and 3rd Cleans were better.

Snatch you were worried about the bar position so you didn’t really sit down properly on the 2nd one. You were a fair amount above parallel on the 2nd one.

3rd one you were caught in no mans land. You either stay up, or go down asap. The middle it’s hard to recover.

Jerks were good mate.

How long you been lifting and how much do you weight?


PS the avatar is bad ass :slight_smile: Goku!

Started lifting in january 2010, BW is something between 70-72 kg.

Thx for your post, I really need to learn how to pull myself quickly under the bar. However, I was always told to put more emphasis on the 2nd pull.

I guess my main problem is lack of consistency, especially in the Snatch (competition best 57 kg, training best 70 kg, both done within 3-4 weeks, wtf…)

You should put more emphasis on the second pull because it is the most important part of the lift. The first pull really is just a set up for the second pull.

I agree with Koing that you never really got under the bar well. Especially with your snatch and I think that comes from not keeping the bar close enough to your body. It looks as though you swing out to much and then are stuck pulling the bar back towards you as you drop down into your squat. Try to hit your chest with the bar as you elevate enter your third pull.

It’s impossible to actually hit your chest but it will keep the bar closer to your body so you can decend directly underneath it rather than jumping to far forward (1st attempt) or having to pull it over top of you (third attempt.)

Don’t want to start a new thread but here’s another vid:


Actually it was supposed to be a full Snatch but oh well…


Another vid. I may have failed this but made it in another attempt (didn’t feel heavy or something, just out of balance). Critics are welcome because I’m stuck at the University of Illinois at Urbana Champaign atm and have to train all by myself without a coach :wink:

hey man I go to UIC. Lack of coaches around here too. The clean looks good, you jump forward a tiny bit, try to keep pressure on the heels instead of leaning forward on the foot. Jerk, your butt is coming forward in the dip. The butt should go straight down through the heels. Your jump after the dip is pretty good, you push through the heels.

Great job on doing some comps. I count myself lucky that I went to Truman in MO and had a wonderful coach there. The training videos you posted looked way better than your comp. First the sn vid: You really stuck with the pull and extended well. Do you do any sort of drop sn training? Or OH squat? I think that either would help you stay tighter in the catch and lock out your arms hard.

The C&J vid: Great job keeping your shoulders over the bar during the pull. It might be the angle but during the jerk it seems like when you dip your hips go forward instead of straight under you. Then you locked it out well but it was a little in front. As for the recovery, I was always taught to move the front leg back first then the back to prevent any sort of push off of the back leg that would shift the weight forward.

Are you totally self-tuaght? If so, great job! And like I said before it looks like you’re already improving. Keep it up!

I started lifting in January 2010 and had no access to a coach until October. I joined this club in october in my hown town (Vienna, Austria) but currently I’m lifting on my own again due to an exchange semester in the US.
Haven’t done any OH squats or drop snatches yet, except with the bar for warmup but I’m thinking about including these into my routine. As for the Jerk, yes I’m still working on that hip thing. Guess I’m just afraid to stick out my butt too much.

A couple sets of drop snatches before you do the full lift should help. Don’t kill yourself with it, just find a good groove and work on pushing yourself under fast while staying tight in the bottom. As for the jerk, when I started I had a problem with sticking my hips back instead of straight down. Verbal cues and really thinking about it was the only thing that worked (but also the only thing I tried).

Something that I’ve done to really lock in the top position (besides more jerks) was recoveries. You set the bar about hairline high in a power rack, stand a little under the bar on your toes then push yourself down into the catch position and stand up to recover. Helped with both confidence to get under heavy weight and my rhythm for recovering. Once again, keep up the great work!


102 looks solid, no issues mate, keep up the good work!

When do you go back to Austria? I’m keen to train at another country, what do you reckon mate? I live in England, you want to do a weightlifting exchange? I have my own pad.


I’ll be back in Austria in June. If you’re ever coming to VIenna, you’d be more than welcome to train with me.