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A Few Things about Natural Training

[quote]Lonnie123 wrote:
EVERYONE IS “AFRAID” THEY COULD BE DOING BETTER STUFF, this will never end likely. Everyone gets results “slowly”, Just focus on each workout and give your best effort on that day. Add enough of those days up and thats all you can do.[/quote]

Brilliantly put. Usually progress is so slow that you have to have a bit of faith in the process.


[quote]The Mighty Stu wrote:

Usually progress is so slow that you have to have a bit of faith in the process.


So true, I tell “regular people” who ask me for diet advice that if you could be 20 pounds lighter at the end of a year would that be good? Well thats 1.5 pounds a month which is completely unnoticeable, but adds up over time… Same thing with adding mass, which is even slower. It really is imperceptible once you get past the first year or two.

Lonnie, thanks dude.

@guys, ive been wondering myself
many of yours are fan of high frequency training, low volume e low reps for naturals…
So i tought about DC training and if its really efective or just bullshit, im not huge , but i would like to know if anyone who have a certain msucular volume could use it and progess ?
I mean, every time i tried low volume/low isolations routines , about 2~4 weeks later i felt shoulders and arms smaller due to lack of isolations but never tried DC .

Do you guys belive that you can get big, round shoulders just doing compound movements?
I remember back in the day when i trained like this : Chest,tri / Back,bi / Leg, shoulder / off/ repeat
My shoulders sucked no matter and just improved it when i used a lot of isolations (lateral variations and rear delt also)…Ofc there is more than one factor (isolation exercises).

Ofc, i made progress training the way i do right now, but i wouldnt be here making tons of question if i were 100% satisfied, i dont know, seems like an instinct thing inside me.

DC training is great. You can definitely get big everything with that routine, make sure you research the crap out of it over at IM before you even think about it. I tried it out and got bigger on it for sure. It has plenty of “isolation” for arms and you can use lateral raises for one of your movements for shoulders.

Just pick a program, ANY program with a good track record, and stick with it. Have faith that you are doing the right thing and just put the time and work in.

PS - You may be deluded about what a natty can achieve. If you are expecting to have big, round, veiny, pro-body builder level shoulders as a natural trainee go ahead and forget that right now. You can achieve a great physique, dont get me wrong, but if you are wondering after a year why you dont look like Ronnie Coleman or Phil Heath… You can kiss that idea goodbye.

Go look at Mighty Stu’s thread and see what a life devoted to natty training can do to your physique.

I may not be as big as some as the other contributors here heh but like posted above it all depends on your work capacity and the ability to recover as well as outside stressors. When I trained as an olympic weightlifter it was common for me to squat and pull or Deadlift and do some type of overhead variation about every time I stepped into the gym (upwards of 5 times a week) as heavy as I could go for that particular day. I used various recovery methods such as contrast showers, electric stim, foam rolling, massages… anything you can think of I’ve probably done it in the name of recovery. Also nutrition is key as I wouldn’t have been able to do as much work on an empty stomach. Now fast forward to when I trained as a powerlifter I would put the Deads and squats on the backburner to maybe 3xs a week and bench heavy 4xs a week making sure I tried to do enough work with my back to keep from tweaking my pecs and burning out my shoulders. All went well for a time until the outside stressors became too much and I had to cut back due to injuries that would occur. Then I decided to move to gymnastics…

Long story short as a natural lifter myself I found that if I kept the volume to a specific level and still train as hard as i could in the lower rep range sets of 1-5 i could recover better and gain plenty of lean muscle mass and strength BUT I had to have everything else to a just about T or it would fall apart.