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A Few Recent Dunk Sessions


starting to really peak my jump, hopefully over the next few months, every few weeks I'll hit some PR's:

definitely my fav video i've done so far ^^^^



I commented on the second video here over in the Vert thread... You're definitely getting higher than before. Good stuff. Are you testing your vert on a vertech at all or just working getting up and throwing em down?


sup man, thanks alot..

nah i'm not testing on a vertec rigth now, i have a home made one which is accurate, i've been wanting to use it recently but i just never do it, always more motivated to dunk.. even if i do bring it out, i have problems doing full runups on it, i just come in with too much speed and get too horizontal, which risks me colliding with the vertec itself or landing on the base (my friend tore an ankle ligament by landing on the base during a full RVJ so it's in my head heh..).. so i'd have to limit myself to 2 step lead in jumps etc.. i still want to bring it out for those, i know i'd hit some good numbers right now off two steps.

peace man


but the real question is, can you shoot a jump shot?
haha just messin with ya man, great vids. Keep up the great work!


You're looking a little bulky in those vids.


you look too heavy maybe you should cut down to 100lbs