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A few random questions


I didn’t feel like starting several threads, so I’ve decided to lump a series of questions all into one. Help with anyone of these questions would be greatly appreciated. I’m in the process of gobbling up all the Nutrition articles here, but any specific links/resources would be very helpful.

1.) What?s the deal with instant and non instant oats? Non instant oats are better due the lower glycemic index, right? In checking the search I noticed someone mention that the fact that they?re harder to chew on is a good indication of a lower GI. It was also mentioned that heating the oats would higher the GI because it quickens absorption. So my question is this: wouldn?t careful chewing also higher the GI of the food? Does this mean it?s NOT good to very thoroughly chew your food??

2.) Do you guys usually train with music? What exactly happens when you train with hard music: is more adrenaline released? From a purely health oriented point of view, should I train without the (loud) music which pumps me up?

3.) What are your thoughts on Andrew Weil?

4.) What?s the deal with eating late at night? Is it good? Is it bad? No carbs after 6PM? (Assuming the goal is fatloss.)

5.) What?s the scoop on vegetables? It?s okay to eat vegetables to your heart?s content right, even when trying to lose weight? Seems to me like the best way to lose weight is simply to eat an assload of vegetables and lean protein and everything else in moderation.

6.) Is the occasional fruit/vegetable fast a good idea for health (not necessarily muscle mass?seems like it?s not)?

7.) What?s the consensus here on Metabolic Typing? A hoax or is it useful (presently)?

8.) Anyone else notice that powerwalking really hits the tibia muscle hard?

9.) What’s a good way to boost metabolism during the day? I’m currently experimenting with hopping around on one leg some of the time, using only the stairs, that way I’m never completely at rest. In the same vein, is it better to split up cardio into frequent sessions so you keep that heart rate up all day long?

Cheers and thanks!


I just wrote a massive response to all this, and the forum ate it.



  1. The basic idea is that you eat your last carb meal 4 hours before you go to sleep, and then your last P+F meal 2 hours before you go to sleep.

  2. Depends on what vegetables you consume. If you eat just greens, you’ll probably be trying to stuff yourself to the max, only to realize later that you didn’t even break 100kCal. Obviously, this is beneficial for appetite suppression and general health.


1.) Not chewing would lower the GI, but it would also make digestion more difficult. I’m not sure which is more important.

2.) I train with music in my basement. I think adrenaline has a lot to do with it.

I’ve read that stress where you actually do activity (like a workout as opposed to stress in the office) is good for you. I’d say just make sure it’s not too loud if you’re concerned with your hearing.

4.) Eating at night is good if you’re trying to put on mass. Eating is good at night health-wise, too, as your body needs nutrients to repair regardless of lifting. Lifting only adds to that need.

Insulin sensitivity is lower in the evening, so carbs should be lower than in the morning. I like to get most of my carbs in the morning and go with vegetables at night, along with fatty hunks of meat :slight_smile: So yes, if you’re trying to lose fat, keep the carbs at night low.

5.) I’d say go crazy with veggies so long as it doesn’t get in the way of your caloric needs.

6.) A fast can be a good thing. It gives your body time to catch up on some things that it doesn’t get a chance to with all the digestion it has to do. Eating only raw food would be a beginner fast, then you can progress up to better vegetables (ones that have less natural toxins), and then just to water for a day. I got rid of a sinus infection with a one day fast instead of using medicine.

7.) I think it’s a good idea. Not everyone is good on a high protein/high fat diet, and not everyone is good on a higher carb diet. If you know your type, you can be healthier.

9.) Activity boosts your metabolism, but I don’t know enough to answer this one for ya.

Hope this helps!

  1. not sure how to respond to this. Maybe we’ll get lucky and JB or LL will chime in. Off the top of my head, i’m thinking mom probably had the b4est advice on this topic, chew your food!

  2. I’ve heard differing opinions on this. I think the belief among most coaches is music screws up your tempo when lifting and should be left out.

I reckon this is a very personal thing though, personally, sometimes I prefer silencs, other times there’s some Metallica or Slayer, sometimes even some classical…

  1. quack quack. joking…seriously, in my opinion you should read everything you can get your hands on.

  2. complex. I think though, the recommendation among nutritionist and coaches here is that you eat right up until you go to sleep, the macronutrients of choice being protein and fat as the day wheres on, with a healthy dose of a good protein mix(read, slowly absorbed) with fish oil right before you hit the sack.

5)sound good to me. the only caveat I think is that you eat green vegetables. All you need to do is look up a basic tossed salad’s total calories. According to the usda your average tossed salad contains about 75 calories per cup. Any way you cut it, you can consume quite a large amount of green veggies and not put a serious dent in your daily calories.

  1. Opinions are all over the board on this. whatever floats your boat. Some people swear by them.

  2. shrug

  3. just like sprinting…

  4. hot-rox :slight_smile:



In ref. to question #8:

Sure it can hit the tibia hard but this brings up yet another question.

There are several other viable options that you may want to choose before using the “powerwalk”. HIIT would probably be the best of them.
Check out this weeks cardio roundtable article for a more in depth look at things.
Then again I’m figuring that you’re looking for optimal ways to aid you in fat loss (hopefully?).


Whetu… I hear you buddy…

i think that maybe you think too much.

Hahaha. I’m reading this and as I’m reading it it sounds like some sort of comedy bit. “Ever notice that you piss alot in the middle of the night if you drink shitloads of water right before bed? Sometimes I even wet the bet!!! …So whats the deal with powerwalking? It really hits the tibia hard!”

Know what we need, we need a bodybuilding comedian. That’d be fuckin hilarious. Everybody here would be laughing their asses off and the other 99.9999999% of the world would be like “this isn’t fucking funny at all!” I could just picture it now.

No Whetu, that’s “GEEEEEEZUS”