A Few Quick Questions

  1. Since when you wake up, you allso have a positive insulin sensitivity, would it be beneficial to eat a high GI meal for breakfast? Or just a normal C&P meal (like oatmeal).

  2. As I’ve understood it, you should eat C&P meals the following 6 hours after a workout. Allso recommended to eat more “stabil” food for bed time like cottage cheese. What do you differnt if post workout IS bed time meal? You go catch a shake of protein+maltodextrin (or Surge for those who has it available), take the last shower, pop a cottage cheese can, and goes to bed? Or is it better to take a c&p meal then? I imagine the ideal would be taking a c&p meal, go to bed and 3 hours later, wake up, eat the cottage cheese and return to bed. However that would have to be VERY much better for motivating me to start doing that. Like noticing added results in a week atleast!

  3. Berardi recommend a more or less equal mix of fish fats, plant fats and animal fat. Does this mean in one day, or would it equal to devote one fish fat dominated day, next day, a red meat feast…etc

  4. Why don’t we have european time prime times? You all know we are more important than fat and lazy americans anyway :wink:

  1. yeah sure if you want to but no fat to mininal fats(frosted cornflakes and skim milk mixed with Grow!(Low-Carb or Classic) is my favorite “pig out” breakfast)
  2. both, but i would recomend more carbs instead of just cottage cheese after the shower if you had a very grueling workout.
  1. oh, yeah what you don’t eat all three every day…i would recomend fish at least twice a week if not everyday(10-20 grams) and two table spoons of your favorite plant fats twice a day(afternoon), and you know you should eat red meat everyday :slight_smile:

Regarding point one, above…

Imbrondir: Be sure to consider that high insulin sensitivity (and insulin secretion can also contribute to adipose tissue receiving a portion of those high-glycemic/ highly insulinogenic carbs. Every gram doesn’t enter muscle tissue exclusively.

Afterlord: This is a pretty good trick for getting in calories among “hard gainers” (actually, I don’t like that term much) because one gets hungry again just 2 hours later. It’s like a freaking clinical glucose tolerance test! [quote]Credit to Cy for pushing this as part of his “Skinny Bastard Diet”.[/quote] I myself go for the “Lucky Charms Freakout” on rare occasion!

…It’s really a matter of one’s GOALS, eh? When gaining mass, it’s not a bad idea but if leanness or maintaining muscularity is the goal, the lower G.I. meals are usually best.