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A Few Questions


Sorry about the generic title I just have a few questions built up over time and though I would put it all in one place rather than keep making a bunch of posts.

Feel free to put advice on any of the following.

1) I'm due for a deload week for the 5/3/1, wondering how to go about the assistance exersises meaning should I give them a break too or just keep them as is? I'm thinking just to more BB type work for that day (higher reps, lower weight).

2) I've basically been putting on weight for the past 6-7 months now. I think the eating all the time is finally catching up to me as nearly everytime I eat now my stomach gets upset. It feels refreshing to feel hungry and nowadays I find myself just forgetting to eat... like skip two three meals in a row. When this happens my next few meals sit with me a lot better. I'm just wondering if doing IF on the periodically would help me with this. Like a poor man's pulse feat (with Amino's instead of MAG-10).

3) I've been trying to get my upper pecs some work, but the problem is that incline movements are overpowered by the shoulder. Does anyone know any movements or techniques to work around this?


1-never done 5/3/1 so take what I say with a grain of salt but I would just give yourself rest for a week.
2-I like to skip dinner and instead have a protein shake and some fish oil. Feel better in the morning.
3- incline flies, incline tate press, incline DB and get deep and wide


Take it easy if you have to, but if you can recover just as well from some heavier assistance work, go for it.

How high an incline are we talking?


3.)BB press to the neck great upper chest builder. Better with Reverse bands to take some stress off the shoulder. THese can be done at incline down the flat never tried them decline

2.) As long as you are still hitting your calorie goals it should be fine. OF course if you calroies goals for those days are smaller it can help even more. If they as high as when you eat many meals your meals will have to be larger. (seems so simple once i say it hopefully this new info if not sorry for wasting your time.)


Thanks for the advice.

I actually ordered average bands to help out the problem. As far as incline, anything above flat gets my shoulders going. Even regular BB press works the Anterior more than the pecs. I usually work around this by doing floor presses and DB Presses.

Any more opinions?


5/3/1 is more of a strength program. If upper pecks is that much of a concern, maybe start thinking about a BB split? Just a thought.

And for #1, listen to your body. This is where JW talks about 90% of the questions he gets are about 1% of the program. Stop them, de load, do only one... Do what feels right for you.


As for the food thing, I'm the same way. Shakes saved my life.


This is good advice thanks for that.

I tried a BB split but I love this routine too much. Yeah it's funny that you say that too, I realize that as soon as I get in the gym I know exactly what to do.