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A Few Questions


I'm wondering on a few things.

Me and my mate have been been doing rippetoe about 7-8 months now, his recently gone to uni and been on and off not very commited and has told me his bored of starting strength. I told him he could try changing the rep shcemes and add in accessary lifts and i also suggested 5/3/1, so nnow he wants to start 5/3/1. Were both just turned 18 and about 70-75kg 155-165 pounds. I asked him is he going to do after 5/3/1 and he says hypertrophy progams because he doesnt want to get any fatter.

Is this a valid point, will doing a solid strength progam for the next 3-4 years whilst eating mainly clean, i eat a little dirty cause i am so skinny make me fat? he says he doesnt want to be strong like the power lifters seen in the death squat video. Altough i fear switching to a hypertrophy progam just to be a mirror warrior is absurdly stupid at a such an early age and a small weight.

He also started playing rugby for 'fun' at uni cause its just what everyone does and he wants to keep fit, although his about 6"1 and im about 6" i dont really see why anyone would want to be fit instead of strong? He also started boxing to be cool and get strong from that and he claims that boxers are way more healthy then strength trainers dude to the body carrying more mass the heart has to work harder to pump blood if you weigh more.

He came back home for a few weeks and his lifts had dropped dramitically whilst mine are still rising. Any thoughts and opinions on this situation? i would like to show him this thread to see what you guys think,.

His rugby coach also makes them run farmers walks, is this ok? or just stupid.

Also, should i be wearing a weight belt during my lifts, 225-235 squat, same weights for deadlifts? A body builder at my gym suggest i should be wearing a belt to protect my lower back and i told him i dont go heavy enough to warrant wearing a belt. His the 7th in the world for middle weight, Hector Del Nido, and im not sure if i should as he makes 3 students about my ages wear belts 100% no matter what excerises there doing and they life alot less then me.

Also, is training bloated a good thing or not really recommended?I tried it yesterdy for the first time, i was super bloated from duck/pork and rice, and stuff from a bakery and pasta a few hours before all that. And i only managed to due my squats and military press before having to leave as i was concerned i was gonna bring my lunch back up in the gym, mind you a bit actually did regurgitate.

Thanks anyone who takes the time to read and respond,


A lot of people of all experience ranges have found 5/3/1 to be helpful in improving strength. I myself hit a 20lb PR on bench after a couple months on it. Also, read the book if you're going to do it. If your goal is hypertrophy, it makes sense to go on a hypertrophy program. If your goal is strength, do strength programs.

I found that all of my training partners are really uncommitted, so idk what to tell you about that.

Use the belt when you feel it's necessary. There are articles on here about wearing belts.

I do not train bloated because I have a drop-off in intensity and I don't want to puke.


Ok thanks, yeah when i move onto 5/3/1 after a feel i am ready i will defiently purchase the book. It would make sense to strength progams for 2-3 years though and get to 200-230 pounds before even considering hypertrophy right? is there a point in doing hypertrophy if you your weak and skinny?

I'll search for some belt articles thanks.


WARNING: quite long-winded post ! ! !

Hypertrophy and strength are more related than you think.

To gain size, you need to lift progressively heavier in a given reps range (4-12 just to give you a broad reference); if supplying a caloric surplus (with enough proteins in there) you'll get bigger and stronger at the same time. Failing in diet will lead to stagnation in both size and strength. You'll have to choose accessory lift to get a good amount of volume and develop evenly all bodyparts (ie: dumbell flies to supplement bench press...).

To focus more on strength, you need a slightly lower rep range for main lifts, and you'll choose accessory lift that help you overcome sticking points (ie: board press if failing bench at lockout).

Dave Tate said that size is a by-product of strength training, and strenght is a by-product of hypertrophy training; search on Youtube a video of Ronnie Coleman (probably the biggest BBer ever) deadlift 800+ lbs and making it look easy (well...kinda easy :-).

5-3-1 is a good program; buy the book, lift heavy, eat big (mostly clean, but don't be too anal on this), have fun getting strong AND big.




Alright thanks fabiop, ill take that into consideration.

Anothner question, is there any sort of preference between stiff legged deads and good mornings? they seem very similar and was thinking of trying one.

My friend is also arguing that larger people, i.e strong heavy cunts are more unhealhtly then boxers due to weighing more so the heart has to beat faster and harder to pump more blood leading to a sooner death. Is this a valid point or is a strong body built for anything better?


Stiff-legged DL and GM work the same lower-body muscles; if grip is a limiting factor, go for GM; if you want to get some upper back work while training hamstrings, go for SLDL.

As for heart problems related with being heavy...there are some healthy, good conditioned big&strong fellas out there (check some Marius Pudzianowsky vids on Youtube).

Heart problems are probably related more to high bodyfat %, unhealthy diet and (to a less degree) drugs use than to bare size/muscle mass.

Heart is a muscle, it'll grow bigger and stronger according to your body's needs.