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A Few Questions


Ok I have used several different compounds over the past few years but never Deca. I am waning to run Deca at 400mg and Test C at 600mg a week for 10 weeks, I have letro and caber on hand. I was also thinking about runing 50 days of IGF-1 long along with it. With this being said. Is the test deca ratio enough to avoid sexual side effects?

Should I run the IGF-1 at the end of the cycle going into my postcycle or at another place in the cycle? I was thinking of running running clomid and possibly HCG for my post cycle any better ideas? I have not bought any of the deca, test, clomid or HCG yet just because I want make sure I get it right before I go all in but I use a local guy for that so should be no problem.

Also I have have several different sites in which I can buy IGF-1, if someone would be willing to source check with me via PM that would be great (Im not looking for a source on this just want to check with people to make sure its legit). My stats are 5.8, 175, 10-11%BF, 28


The 'ratio' of Nandrolone to Testosterone has fuck all to do with the sexual dysfunction that many experience. Nothing.

As long as you have at least 100mg of Test in the cycle you will have your DHT sorted.

Does this mean you won't have problems? Absolutely not - but that is what you have the Caber for isn't it?

As for the IGF - it is upto you, i don't know you from adam so couldn't comment on your drug choices. I like it personally but then again i pay a fraction of what most have to. If i had to pay $100+/mg i wouldn't use it.

Search this site on HCG use and you will find the best time and dose to use this drug. Suffice to say it is not during PCT.


Whats the 5:3 ratio that i've read about for?


It's for people who misunderstand the effects of the drugs concerned.


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Why waste money on IGF-1 when you could get more of the good stuff, for less?



If I was going to pay out the ass for IGF-1, I would just go ahead and forgo that and pay out the ass for HGH. Much, much better cost/benefit ratio, in my opinion.

I have used quite a bit of IGF, and used it in a manner that I do not think would receive too many arguments on this site, and I have yet to feel I've received a single benefit from it. I actually have 2mgs just sitting in my freezer right now because I am just not inclined to use them because I have not seen shit from the other probably 10mgs total I have used up to now.

I know some guys swear by it, but I cannot personally vouch for it.

Oh, and just to cover every single base, the source I use is almost certainly the same source of another poster on this site who claims to benefit from IGF-1 usage. I'm not saying this user is wrong by any means at all. Just that I, personally, have yet to experience any perceived benefits.

Maybe it's just that I'm Gen Y kid trapped in a Gen X body, though.


Ya - that user is me, and i have honestly noticed benefits from it.

(To clarify Cortes meant IGF-1 LR3, not HGH).

It is not amazing though and it a slight 'addition' to AAS as best. I would not consider it a fundamental addition nor would i use it if i had to pay anything near what it usually goes for.

It is also systemic and not localised, and i only use 20mcg a day and not 100mcg.



Just caught and edited my mistake there, Brook, thanks.

Yeah, I did not think it would be any great secret to whom I was referring.

I actually used 40mcg/d split bilaterally EOD for a while in an attempt to induce localized growth in my calves. No luck :frowning:

I also more recently tried some higher dosages, such as you refer to, without really noticing anything, either.

I may have experienced systemic growth, but yeah, in the presence of so much AAS and such, who knows? What I can say definitively is that the results I achieved from HGH (documented extensively on this site) provided me results that were clearly different and distinguishable from the concurrently run AAS.

Of course, a very good Japanese friend of mine, who is FAR larger than me (yes), absolutely swears by it. So what the hell do I know, right? [/slight sarcasm]


Can you elaborate a little bit on the benefits?

Or do you mean the commonly reported benefits like better growth a few months down the road?


Yes for me it is NOT during use, but it isn't as far removed from the end of using the drug as i'd expected (is it even a drug technically? I am not so sure).

It isn't as potent as the name of it would imply (Growth Factor? Give me some of THAT!) but i have definitely improved since using it and i do feel that part of that is down to the IGF.

I am just thicker all over (well, not ALL over - sadly ;D), something i just don't feel is down to the steroids alone, i can't explain it but i personally have great faith in 'gut' feeling like that.

Speaking of gut - it definitely DOES increase distension. Definitely. This is controllable with courses spaced out sufficiently as well as keeping the TVA ('core') tight.

Of course, proving that (it has been a contributor to my gains) would be impossible, but i have not used GH so that doesn't confuse my results as much as it may have for Cortes (i think he has benefited but simply cannot connect it - as i probably couldn't in his situation).

I do feel it is useful when you dont get out of steroids what you once did - and while i dont i was not in NEED of IGF - but it was simply too tempting to pass up on.

I feel that way about GH too (the ace card theory) and as such i still haven't used it. I am dying to in part for intellectual growth, but also because i will be able to take my body to the next step... but i am also looking forward to being as developed as i can be without it before adding that in...



Not really "being defensive" about this, as such, I just wanted to point out that there was more than a year from my starting IGF-1 lr3 to my beginning to use GH, with around 6 months of no IGF use at the end of that year, so my personal assessment was not really complicated by the GH use, I don't think.

Either way, I think the typical "street" price of IGF-1 is astronomically higher than the price it deserves.