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A Few Questions to Get Me Started

I’ve been using what I believe is the original 531 template for some time now, and it’s great, love it. I’ve been experiencing niggles with the 90% TM that is incorporated into this particular template which has served me well for a certain amount of time until I burn out trying to hit PRs every last set. Which led me on to discovering a newer take on 531 which apparently (according to my research) lends itself to the newest book, Forever 531. I’ve read them all except this one and I’ve got some money sided away when I get paid to get the new book but this doesn’t satisfy my desire to get out there right now and improve my performance in the gym so so far I’ve relied on what I can find on the internet. I don’t trust most of what I read online but that’s only because I know anyone can say anything online. That being said it appears what I’ve picked up so far seems to run in a general direction collectively agreed upon and in most cases parralel to the philosophy of 531 that I know of already.

I’m running this question past this community as it’s a forum dedicated to 531 and Jim is here on the board who perhaps can chime in. It makes sense to me to find the most reliable source for information before taking what I’ve discovered and blindly following it.

My first question is regarding 5s PRO. If I was to change to this template and incorporate it as a leader cycle would I increase by 5/10lbs every 3 weeks? I’m doing that now with 531 with BBB but can’t seem to find anything on what to do after the cycle ends. I can then do two cycles of this and on the second cycle increase 5/10lbs like with the first? Or do I only increase once and this be on the 7th week? To me it doesn’t make sense to do 6 weeks with the same weight but maybe I need enlightening on this. I’ve seen contradictory information on this and don’t want to put up a wall in regards to my progression by increasing the TM unnecessarily. The 7th week would then be a deload with a TM test followed by an anchor cycle of 351 with FSL. The idea being (as far as I can tell) to push for the PRs every 3 and 1 week after the previous weeks laying the foundations to hit more reps. I could also implement jokers as well but I wouldn’t incorporate PR sets AND jokers, correct? Or would I do all my sets INCLUDING the PR set and then go on to jokers if I felt like I could go heavier?

With the leader I’m doing more supplementary work and less accessory and with the anchor the opposite? And with the deload potentially cut out supplementary work altogether and do less accessory work?

Oh and with 5s PRO could I do this with BBS? And for the anchor do something like 5x5 FSL to keep the supplementary work lower?

Hope this makes sense to those reading it. Look forward to getting some help on this.
Appreciate your help.

@squaresocks I have to ask, did you read the book(s) well? Because all your questions are answered in the book(s) IIRC.

One answer I’ll give. You increase the TM before a new leader or anchor. 5/10 lbs as written. Unless your TM test dictates that you lower your TM or you can’t do 5@95 (or both).

Pretty sure 5s Pro are in Beyond 531 which is the second book, have you read the book ?

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Just read the books, shipping times aren’t that long. One extra week of “old school” 531 isn’t going to have any noticeable long term impact.