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A Few Questions: Hair Loss? HCG and Penile Shrinkage? Scar Tissue?

Afternoon all, I’ve got a few questions and didn’t seem right sticking them in the middle of my log as they are generic questions.

  1. Test shuts down HPTA and so FSH and LH crash to next to nothing…

Obviously this causes a bit of hair loss eventually- especially in people who are predisposed to balding anyway… however, does this apply to other bodily hair such as beards and arm hair etc?

  1. There’s a certain UK doctor who I won’t name (not mine) claims that HCG is necessary to stop testicular AND penile shrinkage.

I know test only protocals causes testicular atrophy- but penile shrinkage? Is there any science behind this?

  1. Scar tissue from IM injections? Is this a thing? Can it build up over the years? I’m currently pinning quads every 5 days and intend to learn delts- my wife can do my glutes. Currently pinning with a 23g 1" needle. I’m about to move to Sustanon (don’t get upset- I know its less than ideal), from what I understand I CAN’T do subq with Sustanon so I’ll have to consider this IM long term.

Thanks for any help regarding the above!

  1. It is my understanding that hair loss is due to DHT (dihydrotestosterone) elevation causing androgenic alopecia. I am not sure about other body hair. I’ve gotten significantly hairier all over since starting TRT. I have to shave my triceps now.

  2. While exogenous testosterone can cause testicular atrophy in men there is zero science behind penile shrinkage and that doctor should be avoided at all costs. On the contrary, anecdotal stories here are claiming increased penile volume while flaccid. This happened to me as well.

  3. Maybe. Your best bet if you cant go subq would be to inject with smaller needles. Load up with the bigger ones, if you’re impatient like me, and then inject with a smaller one like a 29g or 30g. The needle is significantly smaller and will cause less trauma.


I agree with everything NH_watts said here.

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This does not directly affect hair loss or growth. What happens with the exogynous test does. You can expect to grow some hair, probably where you don’t want it.

Nope. Lack of erections can maybe shrink it, but not being on test.

An imaginary problem. Worry about it after you figure out what to do with the unicorn you just found.

You misunderstand. It is still esterified test, nothing about it makes it more or less applicable to sub-Q usage.


Thanks- the people that have posted about Sustanon not being ideal for subq I think was the viscosity of the oil?

One other thing I read (so much bro science about its hard to filter what is properly evidenced facts), is that the oil in Sustanon can affect lipid profiles more?

Anyone heard that?

I imagine the knock on sustanon done subq would be related to the pip that it carries from the prop. That’s the only explanation I can think of, though it’s not a very good one. Honestly I had never heard that before just this moment.

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LOL. No. Gym bros are hilarious.


Some good stuff above.


No and no. I can’t imagine anyone would take AAS or testosterone if the result was penile atrophy.

No. In all the years, I heard of only one guy who had problems. He was a powerlifter who was injecting multiple mL into one or both hips daily. That’s right, I’m talking about 2mL in one hip and 3mL in the other, switching the next day, 3 and 2. He developed an abscess so bad it became infected and they had to dig it out. He had to have a drain put in.


Thanks for this- “pip that it carries from the prop”…

I don’t understand the terms you’ve used there so the meaning has gone over my head- “pip”?

The prop is one of the Esters- I know that much (small amount in Sus that is fast acting),… pip?

Thanks for all the replies gents- :+1:

Got so much to learn!

I still don’t fully get what FSH does then- I thought it stimulated follicles (hair follicles), and assumed the drop in it was why hair loss happened.

Post injection pain.

Stimulates the production of sperm.

Thanks- presumably it stimulates hair production in additon to this hence the name?

So why does the prop ester cause more pain? Presumably thicker?

Cheers for all the info. I’m happy pinning quads at the minute- seems easy and I’m getting no pain with the Test E. It’ll be interesting to see what difference Sus makes to this!

No, in this case follicle means a secretory gland, not connective tissue at the root of the cell.

I do not know why. I have never experienced pain with propionate, and neither has most I know.

It’s highly individual. Some people get pain from prop, others have no issue. It’s the ester with the highest incidence of pip, with enanthate coming in second. Again, some people get zero pip from any ester. Others get pain almost no matter what they use. I can use cypionate all day long without a problem, but enanthate and phenylpropionate both bother me a little bit. No good explanation for why. Bodies are weird.

Super relieved about FSH. I’ve got great hair lol- my best attribute and I am not at all predisposed to hair loss!

Cheers guys- appreciate all the responses. Im going to have 101 questions over the coming months I’m sure!