A Few Questions From a Beginner

Okay, so i was wondering. I’ve been going to the gym for about 2 weeks now. I’ve never really lifted before besides this. I can bench about 10 pounds less than my body weight. Im 17 - 135 pounds - im guessing about 5’7(not too sure about that…maybe a little less?). Im not skinny or anything, i have a medium build. I used to be in boxing so i got most of my muscle from that.

My first question has to do about muscle groups/sets. What are the best ones to work out in the same day at the gym? When i go with my friend its back/bi, chest/tri, legs/abs, a break, then we repeat it. Something close to that. What do you guys suggest working out? I go every day besides once a week( a resting day).

Secondly i was wondering about the potential myth of becoming bulky and the bulkyness restricting the movements of your body. I work out for my own health and protection. I dont want to get big because i want to stay flexible at the most part, but would it still be possible if my muscles continued to get bigger? I stretch alot and during my workouts. I run alot and i jump rope too. Would the cardio workouts basically prevent the restriction of movement from occuring? Can someone set this straight for me? Id like to get into martial arts sooner or later so i dont want this preventing me from performing at a good level.

Thanks alot.

Also, a side of my family has an arthritis problem. Would working out my wrists/hands be a preventative measure against it in some way, or would it increase the severity of it later on in life?

1 great start.

2 that is not a bad split. There are many great ones including the one you listed. Push Pull legs,

Anatagonist pairs. Full body. Just change it up from time to time and find what works for you.

3 Dont worry about that unless you plan on doing truck loads of drugs and have 10-15 years of hard training. You are a LONG way from worrying about anything but enhancement from training. Just be sure to strecth etc. if flexibility is needed for your intended sport.

4 read Vrooms beginners thread.

Fire back any further questions you have
Hope that helps,

Whats the difference when you lift/do situps/etc. slower than faster? Its alot harder going slower up and down…but is that necessarily bad for you or will it build strength in a different way?

[quote]gibran wrote:
Whats the difference when you lift/do situps/etc. slower than faster? Its alot harder going slower up and down…but is that necessarily bad for you or will it build strength in a different way? [/quote]

Speed of movement in a rep is called tempo; some call it cadence. A lot has been written on this site about that topic, T-Mag was probably the first place on the Internet where tempo prescriptions were included in workout plans. Try searching for articles by Charles Poliquin and Ian King, and more recently Chad Waterbury, if you want complete explanations.

Tempo is expressed as three, sometimes four figures, which state the time in seconds it takes to perform each part of the rep:

lowering - pause - lifting - pause

So, 3-1-1 tempo means you lower the weight in 3 seconds, pause for a second while keeping tension is muscles, and lift in 1 second. Letter X in lifting phase means you should move as fast as possible, eXplosively; please note that with heavier weights and near the end of a set actual speed can be slower.

Now the important thing. Beginners and intermediates DON’T NEED TO WORRY ABOUT TEMPO. You should use 2-1-X or 3-0-X tempo, which generally means lower under control, maybe pause briefly, and lift with as much force as you can. Be sure you include Squats, Deadlifts, Benches, Rows, Pulldowns and Military Presses in your program and concentrate on adding weight/reps.

Before anyone else slams you for the statement about getting bulky and restricting your movement, let me say this is not true and you should abandon this very notion right now. If you use full ROM in your exercises you will grow and remain flexible.

Do not think mass is a hinderance. It is an absolute asset. Unless you somehow grow completely grotesquely out of proprtion from abuse of AAS, you WILL NOT LOSE FLEXIBLITY. But you will most likely die trying to get that big.

Thanks for the tempo information, ill read up.

I didnt say i believed in that mass stuff, i just began to question it. THanks for letting me know. Ill focus on getting the full movement in my workouts.