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A Few Questions For The Powerlifters...


I'm too lazy to look these up myself, so if any powerlifters who know better than I would be so kind I've a couple questions.

Other than Mark Henry, who has deadlifted and squatted over 900lbs. in both lifts in the same contest. Federation is irrelevant to me, but I'm curious too as to the bodyweight categories this has been achieved in.

The Westside protocol is very popular and heavily touted here, so I am wondering how many of the Westside-trained guys hold world records in the sport, or who hold world championship titles.


i know you said you're lazy but check www.elitfts.com that should give the westside info.


It didn't, but thanks for the link anyways. Lots of interesting articles there.


Andy Bolton has pulled over 900 and squatted over 1000 in the same contest. I think he just did an 1100 squat in the same meet as he pulled a 940 but dont quote me.


Yes, Bolton did 1164 squat in the same meet as his 940 pull.


Gary Frank has done it. unless i am losing my mind, all of his 900# pulls were in meets with 900#+ squats. given that GF is opening at over a grand now, in the squat, and regularly pulling 900+, i think it is safe to say that he has done this more than a handful of times.