A Few Questions about the 915 Program

Hello coach,

I plan on running this program within the upcoming weeks once I hit my body fat % goal. I have run the 915 program in the past and added about 10% to all my lifts except my squat. I was happy about my bench and dead, but feel like I could have done better.

  1. How do I incorporate more shoulder work into the program? I felt like my shoulders were not hit enough during this program and I did do push presses for 3 weeks during one of the phases. My weak point is about half way up on my bench press.

  2. Is there a way to incorporate an overload squat without a power rack, chains or bands?
    For my first go at the program I used a high box squat with about 105-115% of my max and not sure that helped me out too much. Any suggestions?

  3. Instead of doing powercleans would it be alright to do deadlifts on that day and work on speed and form and do not do the assistance exercises for the deadlifts?

Thank you

Sorry if my question is dumb, but how did you do a high box squat overload without a rack?, and how do you plan to squat without one?

If you are cleaning the bar, then squatting you will wont be able to use enough weight to maximise your squat

or you could dig a hole like paul anderson!

That is the type of squat rack in my gym. I would use a box that would allow like a 3/4 range of motion. In hindsight not the smartest way to overload a squat but don’t have access to a rack bands or chains. I was thinking a walkout with 110-115% would be a better option?