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A few questions about MAG-10

Hi everyone, I’ve been lifting for about 4 years now. I turned 18 not long ago, and I’m 5’7, 155. Despite my weight I max at 285 on bench. However, now that I am 100% sure I’ve stopped growing and I’m of legal age, I’d like to give MAG-10 a shot to pack on some muscle. I figure this would be the best time to do it–right before spring break. As a teenager, I am short on cash, and I was wondering if purchasing the MAG-10 Plan for Success is absolutely necessary. Can I just buy a bottle of MAG-10, use it, and forget it, or do I have to buy M and Tribex to come down? Any safety issues here?

Thanks guys, and please no flames, I’m just trying to get to my goal of a double bodyweight bench and more muscle tone, and I can now order the legendary MAG-10.

Dude. I had a growth spurt at 19, then another at 21. Grew a full inch when I was 21. How do you know you’ve stopped growing???

The simple answer is no. You do not need to but Tribex or M. if you want to do multiple cycles it would be advisable to take these but if you are only doing one the Mag10 by itself is fine. i have tried the Mag10 then trib and mag10 with nothing post and it is better with the Trib. you dont lose as much of your gains.

You have not stopped growing yet. Don’t be silly.

(This is not a flame.)