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A few prostreriod/prohormone questions

If any of ya out there are gurus on this stuff i would appriate your response.
1st ? I was lokking at all the prohormone crap availaible and was noticing a lot of coupanys use ether technology for there delivery system. Whats the deal with that? Is it crap compared to a ester or what? Also saw liposomes and ether used together too.

2nd i was looking in a recent workout mag and noticed Norbolone-17-ester
what class androgen would it be I or II. Also would be it worth using? possible stacked with some 4AD-EC to get a test/deca effect.

I tried looking through some old arcticles but with no success.

found out my ether question

What did you find out on ethers?

I found out that ethers are crap and are around 10% efficient. Also that esters if not done correctly will still end up degraded in the liver.

Ether technology was Bill Robert’s idea. He abandoned it because it wasn’t good enough. Apparently the company he was working with decided if he wasn’t going to use it, they could sell the idea. It still improved it’s function more then anything else (as far as I know). But nothing like his diethylcarbonate ester bond.