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A Few Opinions


Hi there people,

Very new to the site. Here is the progress I have made so far, my training began first week of Sept '07, so maybe 10 weeks. I spent the four months prior to this with no visits to the gym, and an awful diet! As my profile will tell you, my training has been INCREDIBLY inconsistent. My aim is to use your rating/constructive criticism to progress from this point forward...thanking you all in advance.



front pose...




I think your looking good, your back shot you look a lot thicker than the front shots.

What are your goals?

Its a lot easier to give advice if you know what the person wants to achieve.

If I was you I would be looking to add size eating big and as clean as possible and lifting a shit load of Iron

You have a good base great triceps good sized forearms and a thick back compared to the rest of you, I would work hard on the chest and biceps.

People will want to see the wheels too

Good job keep it up, where abouts in the UK are you?



Any relation? :slight_smile:


Thanks EE...So my goals, in all honesty, you have summed them up...I like my shape, but need to gain mass...especially in the biceps, and chest. My arms in general do let me down. In order to do this I need to move gym, but the only one in my area is SHOCKING...I have no barbells, only a smith, and the heaviest DB is 32kg...so I really have to 'make do' as it is. I'm based in Essex at the moment, but am in the process of moving to Leicester for work...once I get there I shall be using a much better equipped gym.

I've just taken a pic of the 'wheels'...i'll post it asap...in terms of leg training, I love to deep squat, but I HATE the smith, as it really messes with my form...so i built a sled a few weeks ago for sled pulls. Size in the legs to me is not too much of a concern, strength and power are more important.

With regards to biceps...the old, 'curl or no curl' argument arises...i've never curled (and I know it shows) but i believe that my biceps will develop through weighted/manually resisted close grip supinated chin ups...what are your thoughts?


P.S...haha..no relation...although, I get told that I look like Elijah Wood or Tom Welling at least once a week!


You're looking pretty solid and very lean. Can't tell without before pics but great progress for only 10 weeks. I'd bring up the traps and pecs for balance. Need to see the legs!


Kruiser...definitely agree with the traps, much needed work there. I'm considering adding a DB shrug/Overhead DB shrug superset a session or two a week...what do you think? Okay, so here are the legs, i mean, 'wheels' too...as you can see i've even donned the super tight cycle shorts for your viewing pleasure :o)


I am no expert but I think you have to curl, other exercises will help build your biceps but not enough, they are almost the only part of you that is out of proportion to your otherwise good work so far.

hit the bench press, do plenty of curls increase the diet and you are doing just magic mate.


Thanks again EE...I shall bite the bullet and get on the curls. I just scanned in the above 'before' pic too. Where abouts are you located?


Lets just say not very far from where you are heading, having revealed my surname I do not like to give too much away :slightly_smiling:


Y'all are dickheads, this guy isn't a 3.5.


He's got plenty of work to do if he's looking to get bigger, but he's got some mass, even in the legs.

And he's lean.


I was disapointed to see he had a 3.5

I think some people see this as 'rate how huge I am'

Rather than 'rate my physique'

The guy has a good physique which on a scale of 1-10 should be around a 7 in my book.


Hey you look good first of all nice shape and low body fat.

I gave you a 6 and I'll let you know why-first your obviously better then most people on hear who post pics-

  1. Biceps underdeveloped overall bring those up iso work would help a lot-preacher curls ext- Weight pull ups would help also, help get your lats up also which are decent but could use work. Not to mention help your entire back.
  2. Shoulders seem lacking also, yet chest looks good not that thick but nice shape and will eventually add more size.
  3. Traps like some others have said
  4. Size everywhere legs, chest biceps especially -your not hyoooge but look alright-

I would AVOID any dirty bulking you have good shape no reason to ruin it with adding extra fat for no reason just to add more size. Just keep eating clan and add size slowly, also I hate-envy- your ab symmetry :p.


Shizen, thanks for your post...It's great to get an external opinion on parts to work on, as those who see you all the time don't notice weaknesses so much.

Biceps I have really been struggling with, I never curl (which I shall now start introducing) but always rotate between supinated and wide pronated pull ups. I lift 32kg (which is the highest at the gym) for all my reps and sets, so the only way for me to overload is to have my training buddy manually overload the eccentric phase, by pulling me down, or if i'm training alone, but keeping the eccentric slow.

Shoulders have been progressing steadily since I started, i'm hoping that this progress will continue and mass will be added.

Traps, my god, I struggle with my traps...what do you suggest I target them with? When I move gym i'm considering incorporating some power cleans to attack them.

Legs, i'm so not concerned with size, i prioritize strength, for this reason when I deep squat I use a 4,4,4,4,4,3,3 rep scheme. I may cycle in a hypertrophy phase at some point in the future though.

My diet has notoriously been pretty bad...my main meals are good...but I snack an awful lot in between, with a great tendency to head for the biscuits, sweets and cakes, and despite this i've never gained any fat. However I know that if I can improve the diet, then the progress will be much quicker.

I'll post up my training programme too, to see what you recommend I should adjust.


I am beginning to hate you!

Only joking! get out of that habit before you hit 30 mate being old is bitch I just have to look at a biscuit and I put on weight, listen to me I sound like a tart already.

damn I wanna be 22, have a six pack, eat cakes and shag fit birds :slight_smile:


Here is the training programme I designed and used for the first 8 weeks:

Session One, Weights:

Weighted Dips- 6 reps 5 sets, 90s rest, 4-1-X tempo
Wide Pronated Pull-ups (added manual eccentric)- 5 reps 5 sets, 90s rest, 4-1-X tempo

Tri set
Dumbbell shoulder press- 5 reps, no rest, 4-0-X tempo..,
Shrugs- 5 reps, 30s rest, 2-0-X tempo...
Manually resisted skull crushers, 6 reps, 4-0-X tempo...90s rest, then repeat tri set for 5 sets.

Session Two, HIIT.

Spin Bike:
10s- max resistance
20s- max rpm medium resistance
30s- recovery- repeat 6 times, increasing volume over weeks.

Session Three, Weights.

Smith Bench Press (added manual eccentric)- 5 reps 5 sets, 90s rest, 4-1-X tempo
Supinated Chin-ups(added manual eccentric)- 5 reps 5 sets, 90s rest, 4-1-X tempo

Incline dumbbell press/Manual single arm towel pull- 0s between exercise, 90s between sets, 6 reps, 5 sets, 4-1-X tempo

Weighted eccentric sit-ups- 5 reps, 6 sets, 60s rest. 5-0-X.

Session Four, Weights.

Depth Squats- Rep scheme- 4,4,4,4,4(final set of 4 with light weight for CNS second wind) 3,3. 2-3 minute recovery between sets.

Tri set
Weighted push-ups- 5 reps, no rest, 4-0-X tempo..,
Dumbbell flyes- 5 reps, 30s rest, 3-0-X tempo...
Shouler width (elbows in) press ups- maximal, 1-0-X tempo, 90s rest, then repeat tri set for 5 sets.

Session Five, Tabata.

Thruster- 20s max effort, 10s recovery. 8 sets.

I'm currently writing the next phase, will be giving the manual eccentric's a break, as well as the tri sets...will concentrate purely on shifting more weight on the compounds. I shall post what i'm going to do once i've written it.


haha...being 22 is pretty awesome!! Have being trying to kick the biscuit habit for years...will be trying harder in the future though


another back pic...this time not flexed.